Crusader Kings III Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Thanks! Works like a charm. Small, but crucial exception though - if I start the console/cheat menu, the vassals and all characters in the realm turn hostile (negative opinion 1000, because apparently my benevolent ruler I just created has immediately 1000 tyranny). Any ideas about that? Is it a bug or a cheat prevention mechanism? To be honest - it’s kind of game-breaking for me, as the cheats and console commands are the tools I use to create the experience I want from the game and not something forced on me from the vanilla experience. Would you be able to look into that. please?


Hello there !

Thanks for the mods, they (usually) work great.
Would it be possible to add a mod that makes councillor tasks take only one day ? It would be very helpful for e.g mass culture change.

You can use console commands to do most of the councillor tasks like change_culture [county id] [culture id]
If you search up ck3 console commands then you’ll find a list of them. I think you need to be in debug mode for them to work

Yes that’s true, however once you open the console you are unable to get achievements.
Care to guess what I was trying to do ?

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Hi, love your work. Are you planning on adding anything for legitimacy or tyranny? Also, if you use console commands through using the wemod ‘enable console’, any commands you use disable achievements. Any thing that can be done with that? Thanks and keep up the amazing work.


Also found a bug, the cheat for dread does not work. The command instead affects the tyranny value.


The Crusader Kings III cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Is it possible to add god mode to this?

Thank you.

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Hi, in the new version of game the age sittings doesn’t work the same as before. It used to set the exact age to the ruler but now it only lowers the age. Is it error or for purpose??

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I don’t know if this is just me, but every time after I close the game after using Wemod the game crashes. Another thing, they just added a new function called ‘Legitimacy’ that greatly impacts the way you play the game. If at all possible, could you add a function to raise or lower legitimacy?

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I noticed the same. I dont think its working the same as it was before the last update.

My game keeps crashing with this trainer enabled. It can only run for like 1~3 years, and then crashes without any alerts.

It should not be my problem since I tried with same mods/device, without this trainer enabled, and it works fine.

Try without any mods.