Crysis 2 - Grav Mods & God Mode

Grav Mods & God Mode

Mods by XncsX

Iso/firmware modded & JTAG & PS3 (ps3 is untested, leave a comment if it worked or not)

download 360 + ps3 :​?d=FEO6JWSD
Replace System.cfg in iso or folder root

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Just got done playing this game on my jtag!!! Thank you time to put some mods on it…


nice intro

I seen another video with online xbox mods it was choclate.

Epic, thanks OP.

where its not on his YT ?

i will be getting my game on Tuesday/22nd, having this mod would be totally cool, but my Box is not Jtaged, nor will it ever be

you can hotswap it (ala iso mod) no jtag required

whats the song if i can ask?


Song is I don’t wanna care right now by Lupe Fiasco

Issue with the mods now, They are really laggy. I mean the sound of the shots and when i kick the car they lag… Do i have to be playing it when it is updated?


I want to see some weapon mods, like starting the game with whatever weapon and attachment you want

Do you have one that is only god mod (without gravity mods)?

im about to make a god mode only file for myself cuz i still havnt finished campaign so il up it for you

rename it to System.cfg

Thanks, bro.

Sweet. You always have the best mods before the game even comes out. I love 'em.

Nice intro btw. In my honest opinion, best intro I have ever seen. Both of them, but having two is kind of repetitive; Use the first one only its the best.

Well keep up the good work :smiley:

Just edit the file (with notepad), and erase the gravity mod. Thats what I did. The gravity mod is horrible, because you can’t ever get back down to the ground (at least that’s what been happening with me.

Hopefully you can come out with a mod for unlimited ammo. I’m sure its the same as it is on PC, (since the godmode is the same) and I’m sure there’s an unlimited ammo cheat on PC, since there was one on the last crysis.

“Iso/firmware modded & JTAG & PS3 (ps3 is untested, leave a comment if it worked or not)”

works fine on PS3. (I have to use my PS3 right now because I’m watching my baby in my room where my PS3 is)