Crysis 2 Mods?

Has anyone figured out how to mod it yet (single player)? I haven’t really looked at anything, but since it’s made by EA, I think it’s safe to guess that it’s encrypted. Unless it’s not :expressionless: Either way it would be cool if someone could figure it out. Not me, I know how to use a Hex editor, but do not know anything about decryption.

People been cheating on SP/MP since before it came out. Modding Singleplayer in turns mods Multiplayer, no checksums or anything just .zip files.

How do you mean? Open my profile data or something and extract them? And is there a way to mod it on singleplayer and NOT on multiplayer?

You can do disc mods, so far only a few people have decrypted the savegame files. You can do .zip file mods for an iso.

.zip files? Then why are the iso mods on the .cfg file?

Damn, I would try to decrypt it but have no idea where to begin and no matter where or who I ask, I never get any help. I guess I have to wait.

I thought everyone knew the .pak files were in .zip format?

i saw give it a week before we unleash our mods on it :smiley:

Open up the “Engine.pak” in 7zip and you should be able to see all the .cfg files

You can also do some cvar changes in system.cfg in the games root. Alot of the cvars are locked so you need to manually unlock them in CryEngineCrysis2.dll(inside the xex)+CryEngine:Init() function

the .cfg is not in .zip format so i dunno what your talking about, its on the root of the iso and its a .cfg

Here the files.

I never mentioned anything about .cfg files in my post.

The reason the only mods getting post are for the .cfg file in the game root is because skids don’t know what a zip signature looks like lol

What exactly are you saying? Sorry if I sound like a skid, but I probably am, lol. :laughing:

nevermind >.<

Exactly, PK you all. PK YOU ALL


See, no one ever wants to help. Fuck this, gonna request this to be closed because obviously no one knows how or isn’t sharing.