Crysis 2 remastered crysis 3 remastered

hello, wemod app does not have Crysis 2 Ramastered Crysis 3 Ramastered Steam Mods. When will you add it?
Crysis 2 Ramastered Crysis 3 Ramastered has taken its place on the steam platform, but there are no mods in the wemod application, can you add it as soon as possible?

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Use the Epic Games version. Simply click the down arrow next to the Play button and manually link the game’s Steam .exe to the Epic trainer. 98% of Epic trainers work with Steam games and vice versa.

We only create or update trainers if the game on a specific platform is currently popular amongst the entire WeMod community. More about this here: Game Queue - WeMod Support.

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I tried running the wemod application epic but it doesn’t accept it only works on steam it wants epicgames exe for epicgames it doesn’t work on steam doesn’t see it You claim that the Steam version of epicgames is working, but it does not work, I tried for 3 hours, it only works on steam. It tells me to buy epicgames game this time for epicgames to work and only epicgames Launcher works I also have the same mods on steam, epicgames, the same epicgames mods in wemod application does not work for me, same mods on steam epicgames mods are not enough they don’t do my job new mod needs to be developed money i need money cheat

There are trainers for Crysis 2 Remastered and Crysis 3 Remastered for the Steam platforms.

I apologize if I misunderstood anything, but did you buy the games on the Steam platform or the Epic platform?

I don’t have an epicgames subscription, I only have a steam subscription, I just bought it on steam

epicgames I definitely do not buy games, it constantly gives Launcher error, if anyone uses epicgames, I do not recommend the application.I only use steam, I don’t use it even if they recommend epicgames other than steam Crysis 2 Ramastered Crysis 3 Ramastered I only play Steam