Crysis 2 Supersoldier achievement savegame

This is for the achievement complete the game on Supersoldier… Save is at the very end of the game. should take no more than 1 minute to finish!

If you have not yet finished the game all the difficulty achievements will stack.

Crysis 2 Save

Download save/extract.
Rehah and Resign.
Load save.

EDIT: If you havent’t yet gotten the achievements for complete 6 missions on Veteran or SS dificulty yet i suggest grabbing my other save 1st which allowws you to net them achievements 1st.

Crysis 2 Save(1st 6 missions on SS achievos)

Thanks I’ll give this a try

hi dylan.i used the savegame you posted but it’s not at the very end of the’s at the beginning of black out mission…have i to do the last mission from the beginning??

I know for everyone else it has been at the very last checkpoint where you have to crawl in the spear thing. i don’t know what you have done

Uuuuh its the same for me not the last mission
Good effort though

yeah it puts me at the start of a fight, where i have to help support the soldiers, then that huge beast comes out

I don’t know what has happened too it. i will take a look

Try loading the save u put up, and see if you get the same checkpoint…i get through the first wave, and able to take out the second’s ground thugs, but that damn mechanical beast is indestructible and tracks me…killed every time