Crysis 3 Mod Tool [ask]

hello guys, I have read many posts of mod tools crysis 3, but I did not understand much how it works.someone could make a tutorial? and mod tools that can change the multiplayer? how? thanks

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I will once I get a chance.

It’s very similar to Crysis 2’s though. Here’s a brief tutorial. Move your “savegame” from your Xbox HDD to your USB. From there, open Horizon and go to Device Explorer. Once there, go to Games:

From there, click on the little triangle to the left of games then look for Crysis 3. Click on it, then hit mod.

This should come up:

From there you can edit the attributes and stats stored inside the game save.
Once done, save, then plug your USB back into your Xbox and the gamesave should have different variables.

EDIT: The tool for multiplayer should be out ASAP.

ok, thank you for this mini tutorial, tell me what I need to change for the multiplayer?

EDIT: ok, bro, thanks

This is only for single player at the moment to my knowledge, the multiplayer one should be out very soon and will be located under ‘Profile Mods’.

I cannot waint until they release the Crysis 3 Online multiplayer mod tool, and also for when they do will it allow you to edit the amount of days you played? If not I dont care but just in case thanks. <3 :smile: ‘no homo’ lol

Any news on MP editor?:thumbsup:

If you are still reading here, you are at the important part of this post.

so im guessing ones not going to be made then ?

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As of yet, a multiplayer tool for Crysis 3 has not been released in Horizon.