Cult of the Lamb Cheats and Trainer for Steam

thank you for the update

heads up, game had another update, but they might just be bug fixes, keep your eyes open ladies and gentlemen


Still needs a little bit of work, The Free Construction mod does not seem to be functioning currently

Cult of the Lamb update + possible mods on it

The game got a new DLC with more stories and with that more possibilities and, with that, I would like to know if it is possible to have new mods like:

  • eggs are always golden
  • “mating”/“sex” always works
  • follower lvl multiplier
  • “sin” gain multiplie
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unfortunately, right after you updated the mods for COTL a patch came out and now free construct doesn’t work and as far as i can tell that one is the only one that isnt working, sorry for pestering

mods are still broken and i laged and crashed two times

The Cult of the Lamb cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

i don’t know why but the unlimited health and one hit kills are not working for me? like when i press the button to turn them on it automatically turnes them back off…

not only that, there’s also Unlimited Rest and Free Constructions that aren’t working, seems that there might still be some issues with the trainer.

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there’s also a problem with the mods themselves, they just won’t work with my game and it just keeps basically crashing, though it also “crashes” even without the trainer being on.

Have you checked whether you are using the trainer’s latest version? I recently used the trainer and did not experience any crashes.

No longer loads the game after the most recent update.

The only thing i got to work was mega items pickup so far everything else i tried deactivates instantly

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Free construction doesnt work after update

Free construction works, but only if you activate it BEFORE loading the saved game. I activate all of my other desired codes in this fashion as well, just to be on the safe side.

For the coding dev: May I suggest a code for ignoring Sin cost for mating / reproducing eggs?

Also, may I suggest a code for 100% mating success?

Now don’t work infinity health


same for me

Same here.

Yep, the latest update broke the unlimited health option. Guess we just wait for an update.

An update would be appreciated…