Current developments (IRL and why Ive been inactive-ish)

So this is basically to say why I haven’t been testing a lot of games recently even though I have some of them.

I’ve been having bad Internet for the last 3 months, and working on moving into a new apartment. building kitchen, painting and more. once i move into my new apartment ill have great Internet, but for a while longer ill have to deal with this awful 5 down 0.2 up speed that I’ve got currently, and it keeps dropping me off every couple of minutes.
once i move in to my new place, the games i plan to test are: Total War: Warhammer, Gta 5, No Man’s Sky, Shadow Of Mordor, the Hunter Call Of The Wild (after I buy it), Dead Rising 4 (after I buy it) and Sniper Elite 4 (after I buy it) Possibly other games aswell. :slight_smile: So I’ve got a backlog, but currently its hard to do. Hoping that I’ll have no hard feelings for this time of inactivity, and just so you all know, my new Internet speed will be 300/300Mbit. so there wont be any issues in the future once I get it up and running, I just have to do some digging for the fiber first, and then it’ll take 4-8 weeks for them to come and install it, Hopefully only 4 weeks. I’m going to pick up the cables I need to dig down tomorrow, and starting the digging soon, so I think it wont take too long.

Anyway, cheers everyone!

  • Kalfax.

Digging is a solid plan when looking for a new apartment with better internet.

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I feel your pain, they are only just starting to roll out the national broadband network in Australia and change all the old copper cables where I live for fibre optic cable but even then it’s only fibre optic cable to the node and still copper to the premises.
Current average speeds 16/8 but even when they install the new system the highest package available is only 100/40 but even that doesn’t come close to comparing with your 300/300… :cry:

ah, thats sad to hear man, i can get up to 1000/1000 atm, but settling at 300 coz its too expensive and i dont think i need more.