Current GTA V Farming Techniques (Easy money, RP, JP and more!)

Lets compile all the farming techniques in one thread? Basically post anything that earns you money, in game items, stats, or RP/JP faster than usual. I only know a few so lets make this thread community driven.

Please note that I am not responsible for anything that may occur to your Xbox LIVE account or GTA Online character/account for using these farming techniques. By doing these you acknowledge this.

Current as of patch 1.03 on Xbox LIVE, released on 10/09/2013

Current Farming Techniques

Violent Duct MissionPATCHED
[INDENT]Still can be done, just can’t be replayed. must return to free roam each time. Payout changed to $3,000 instead of $9,000. RP and JP still the same as pre-patch.[/INDENT]Max Driving SkillPOSSIBLY PATCHED[INDENT]Choose the race Criminal Record. Its an octagon race track that runs around the prison. All you have to do is set the vehicles to motorcycles and choose something like the Double-T or Bati RR (Race bike) and set the laps to 25 or 30. (30 if you want it for sure.) Then simply ride around the track at top speed, which is incredibly easy and watch your driving stats climb.[/INDENT]

  • Max driving skill can be obtained in about 25 laps. Each lap takes about 28 seconds.
  • Roughly 600-1,000 RP per race.
  • With 2 players first place gets ~$2,500. Second gets ~$1,100.

Max Stealth/Sneaking Skill[INDENT]Choose a safe place to sneak around without getting hurt. Like your apartment or remote area of the map. Once you do, get a rubber band or anything to tie your left stick down and go into sneak mode. You can do this by clicking the right stick. Just leave your console on overnight or an extended amount of time and let your character wander around in stealth mode. This will easily get your stealth stat up. It might take a little time.[/INDENT]

  • Easy stealth stat farming without being at your console or even trying.

Rooftop RumblePATCHED[INDENT]Just like Violent Duct this is still available with the same payout, you just can’t replay the mission. Must return to free-roam each time.[/INDENT]

Latest Farming Techniques

Bike Sale Repeat Glitch[INDENT]First join an invite only session online. Then go on your phone and go to and purchase the Pegassi Bati 801. Once its delivered go to Los Santos Customs. Add some custom parts to the bike to give it some value. Do not add explosives. Leave the garage and go to story mode so your bike saves. Then join an invite only session online again. Once online go back to Los Santos Customs. Once in the garage press start, then LB navigating you to the Xbox Games Store. Press A, then A again to confirm. Once it loads hit the B button exiting the games store. You’ll then spawn inside Los Santos Customs without the bike. Exit the garage and in the back of it you’ll find your bike. Take it back to the garage and repeat the last step. By pressing start, then LB going to the games store. Open the game store by pressing A, then A again to confirm. Once in exit again pressing B. You’ll spawn on your bike in the back of the garage. Take it back to the garage and then sell the vehicle. As soon as you sell the vehicle do the pause menu glitch again by going to the games store and repeat the steps as before. Exit the games store and if you’ve done it right you’ll spawn on your bike again. You’ll have the money from your previous sale but still have the bike. Rinse and repeat until you’ve reached your desired amount of money.[/INDENT]

  • $15,000 needed to buy the bike.
  • Must be able to purchase vehicles online.
  • Some extra money needed for custom parts.

Please post more, with a description and I’ll be sure to add it to the thread. If you see one of the methods above is patched please let me know. I want this to be a current farming techniques. So ones that currently work and are not patched.

I have done the one with sticky and destroyed the coke. But you get nothing for it?

Were you driving the car? We always did it with someone else driving, not the person who planted the sticky bomb. It should work. I was doing it this morning.

Try the Rooftop Rumble mission at Lv 77
I get 4k RP and $25k each time & it takes under 30seconds everytime.

Are you serious!?!
You managed to get to Lvl. 75+ without getting your character reset randomly thanks to the lovely Cloud servers or character in-general erased thanks to having to Dashboard after getting “stuck in the clouds” (stuck at a loading screen)?..I was a measly Lvl. 23-24 with about $1M saved and yet the lovely Cloud servers seemed to engulf my character with ease.

Character sneak is apparently easy to. Get a rubber band, and sneak somewhere safe like your apartment for 30-40 minutes and its maxed out.

Can’t even get on gta online, everytime I try it says cloud servers are unavailable. Been trying all day to sign on, hopefully when I can everything will still be the same as I left it. :expressionless:

What’s a rubber band ?


Sorry I didn’t think he meant to literally get a rubber band. I assumed he was talking about some special kind of car or mission.

Please keep us updated Cody

There’s a mission for 25k and fast levels in 30 seconds at level 75, but I have yet to get it and I’m level 84…

get a life bro :stuck_out_tongue:

For the Violent Duct mission when you do with blowing up the cars, you only need 1 sticky bomb. The guy holding the coke is always standing near the van so just run into it and blow it up.

Hopefully we can get some “Lobbies” of these missions going because I recently said forget waiting for Rockstar to bring back my character and started over…

But do you still get rewarded? I’m sure whenever you destroy the coke you don’t get paid nor earn RP/JP.

Yes Sir. 800-1100 RP & $9,000

The coke has to be destroyed while in possession by someone for it to count. If I remember correctly and you just destroy it while its on the ground, it won’t count.

Cool. Well, if anyone wants to grind it out for an hour or so, let me know.

Ill be doing this tomorrow again around 2 PM PST.

I’ll play add me gt is cryptic kitsune