Current Horizon MW3 Save Editor Tool Help

Is there any way to add god mod to the mod tool already current on horizon?
Trying to beat on veteran and keep dying lol

I believe God Mode Dvars were removed from the game so no. Try to find any related to health though and increase them.

what would they come up as cause I looked at the player_ dvar and cg_ dvars and couldnt find nething to health

I would think it would come up as player_healthregen or player_health but cant seem to find it in the list. Anyway to add it?>

No and I’m sure it is is there.

Iv’e looked. 4 times over. Im 110% positive there isnt a dvar for it already

Coder123 said these 2 are the health dvars:

Oh ok I must be looking in the wrong place. Ive scrolled through settings so many times n cant find it o.O
Is it in advanced settings

cause only scr on the setting tab is scr_dof_enabled on my save

I do not know where it is. I don’t have a MW3 save, I just copied what Coder said would be the health dvars.

anyway I can talk with coder?
I’m so lost lol

You can send him a PM but I’m not sure how quickly you will get a reply.

If you can’t find the dvar in the settings simply add them to the save using the save editor.

Thank you chris for the help and redeyex32 I added the ones that chris gave me, I put the value to 9999 but it doesnt work in the game. dunno wut else to do

I believe the max is about 2000

well I tried 2000, still doesnt work. I dunno why I am having problems with this save of mine. lol maybe my bad luck

Why not just download a 100% GameSave that someone else has done then use it for your self, or download a modded gamesave and use that to get your Achievement.

Haven’t found one. I would like a starter save. So I can run through the campaign myself

Run a Google search for “D1G1TAL modded MW3 gamesave”, it should display results leading to 7S. If the download links are inactive, simply contact D1G1TAL as he is still very active.

Any type of “mod” pretty much ruins the experiance… it’s best just to do it on games you already have completed or grown tired of.

oh and btw, doesn’t dvar mods just last for one mission anyway?