Custom Calling Cards?

When i play BO2 online i see some people have custom calling cards how do they make these? Can u make them with horizon? I also see they use custom emblems too any input would be appreciated thanks

custom calling cards? Explain. They could’ve just been certain ones unlocked/pre ordered from the game or may have bought DLC.

I saw one with tmnt and a few with like cartoon porn lol

Oh. You must be talking about the emblems. The Call of Duty community is very “interesting” when it comes to expressing themselves. The actual title itself cannot be customized. You have to use the preset ones.

You mean emblems, not calling cards. Go to barracks>emblem-editor and be creative or watch some youtube videos.

Do they import the nude cartoon stuff I wouldn’t think Microsoft would allow that

Every custom emblem that is created is subject to be reported by users that find it offensive. In the instance of creating an emblem which contains vulgar speech or images, will likely be reported as inappropriate and action will be taken by either Treyarch, Microsoft or both.

its actually the little square inside the calling card is that the gamertag?

You can make your own emblems. You have to use shapes and colors to build an emblem. The calling card or title can only be switched between the ones on the game, or the DLC ones.

The emblem some people use nudity and other x rated pics how are they doing that?

The same way they do with any other emblem.

Me Right Now

Just so I don’t come off as helpless.

To save hours of time/effort, just go to YT and find out how to copy/paste emblems in Black Ops: 2. This glitch has been around for some time now and it seems to be the only way in which people get emblems now-a-days because I always run into the same emblems when playing.

Best of luck!

Isn’t that hard of a glitch to perfect, just takes a few quick button pressing.

this is why i hated the BOII emblem maker i just got tired of seeing the same crap every time i play…i mean come on like i wanna be in a room full of guys with penises and Vag’s and other X-rated pic’s that 12 year old’s be having it also …sadly enough i have started seeing this in AW and yes i will end up reporting you…crap is childish…but i do like seeing the awesome one of the anime character’s jokers and other superhero’s and the hot girl bikini/underwear pix’s…but the x-rated one’s are just childish…like the other day i was playing i seen someone make a x-rated pic with a dog doing a woman…REALLY…I DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT (SADLY enough the person who had it knows about that stuff)…and yet other people just look at it like like…oh cool…sorry just saying my peace but people like that do get reported…i’m just saying man please don’t be one of those childish people…(sorry just speaking the truth)

how do yall mod!!! please tell me im very knew at this

Please create your own thread regarding your question instead of hijacking another thread.

Didn’t Treyarch patch the copy emblem glitch? I haven’t been able to do it anymore, unless there’s a new method.

I too thought it was patched, but awhile back I found out from a friend that it still works.
Plus, it’d be hard to believe that it’s patched since I’m still seeing the same emblems all over the game!

…I believe the glitch involves hovering over the players emblem in which you want to get, get to the emblem editor very quickly, than some other fast button pushing.