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I have seen too many computer build threads. So I whipped this together to help fix the issue.
If you are looking to buy a new computer and you want some advice as to what to get, simply post in this thread and I will answer any questions you have.


What NOT to use this thread for

[/size] - Asking about pre-built computers - Asking about laptops of any sort - Simply saying "I want a computer build"


What you CAN use this thread for

[/size] - Post [u]with proper information[/u] about the computer you'd like to have - Ask for feedback on a current build you have - Post your own responses to other members [b]**[/b]


Before you post

[/size] There are many things you need to think about before I can give you good ideas about what to buy. Here are a few things. - Price - What you will use it for - Gaming? What games do you play? - What programs do you often use? - Do you want to overclock? - Do you want to include a(n) SSD? - Do you need a monitor?

** I do not have any objections to other members with sufficient knowledge to post builds and suggestions for other members. I will say though, as the thread owner, that posts from anyone other than me do not express my views about the topic. I can not guarantee that other members will give you good, accurate, or even correct information and you should take that into consideration.

Thank god.
Sick of seeing like 4-5 of these a day.

I was wondering, is there a decent build out there for gaming at ~$600? I’d like to play games like Far Cry 3 at least at Very High to Ultra settings.

Will be bookmarking this thread, thank god someone made one.

Do you have any peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc)?

I’d like to make a request!

Price Range : 800-850$
What you will use it for: Gaming, essays, video recording, etc.
Gaming? What games do you play?: New ones obviously, preferably on ultra.
What programs do you often use?: Recording software, horizon, microsoft office.
Do you know how to overclock, and do you want to?: Don’t really are for it.
Do you want to include a(n) SSD?: No.
Do you need a monitor?: No.
Do you need any other accessories?No.

Other notes: I would like atleast a 1.5TB HDD and preferably an Nvidia Graphics card, preferably a 600 series one.

Yeah. I just need the computer.

Get a 660ti and a Western Digital 2Tb.

With a lower end budget, Ultra settings might be pushing it on new games. I’m positive Travis will recommend an i5 for the processor, though. :thumbsup:

Is there any big differences performance wise between the 660 and the 600ti? - Once You Know, You Newegg

Here you go, best performance for price. Didn’t add an aftermarket heatsink because you aren’t overclocking.

I think you forgot a harddrive.

Oh jeez. Sorry, I thought I double checked both of them but they are both missing HDDs.

One second going to fix that real quick.

EDIT: Alright, the builds are fixed! Kinda screwed up on that a little! - Once You Know, You Newegg - Once You Know, You Newegg

I understand you are trying to help but please don’t say “best performance for price” since I know you do not own these builds you suggest nor know from experience and rigorous testing that they are the best combination of components.

Ah, sorry it’s a figure of speech, I constantly use without thinking about it. You are right though.

I want a computer build
thanks 4 the help ;D
i apprectiate tarivs :smile:_

I need a really good gaming pc…(3500$)

Please read the “Before you post” section. I will remove responses like this from the thread. They offer no information for me to work with.

In my honest opinion though, nobody who is spending over $1500 on a custom PC should ask for help unless it’s for very specific things. If you are spending several thousand dollars on a PC, you should know enough about them to buy your own parts.

I don’t need help per se, more of an opinion of a prospective build that I’m looking to buy over the next few days.

Here’s what I currently have.

Looking to switch the Intel 330 for a Crucial M4 SSD and perhaps a different case; one more aesthetically pleasing, although that’s not a priority.

Feedback and possible replacements/additions are duly welcomed.

Well hello there sir. (I thought you were gone)
That is a nice build. The only ideas I have for it would be a little better motherboard for a computer of that price range. You can get an Asus P8Z77 motherboard. They are great quality and you can pick whichever version is in your price range.
I agree with your SSD change. An M4 would be a good option or a Samsung 830 would be a good option as well.
Then the power supply. I would really look for something from Seasonic. You can get a nice 80 PLUS Gold PSU for that price range.

As far as the case, I love Fractal. I like simple designs on cases and they have amazing build quality because they do not use crappy plastic.

All of the things I state are based on my knowledge of parts available in the States of course though.

This is for a friend. So USE THE WEBSITE PROVIDED

You need to use this website

[b]Keep it under $1,300 and.needs a monitor.[/b]

  • Price : $1,300 Best to keep it under as much as you can.
  • What you will use it for: Gaming
  • Gaming? What games do you play? League of Legends, and various others. Nothing like Battlefield 3.
  • What programs do you often use? Nothing Extensive.
  • Do you know how to overclock, and do you want to? No.
  • Do you want to include a(n) SSD? No
  • Do you need a monitor? Yes
  • Do you need any other accessories? Headset

Why would you use that site, that site is trash.