Custom Gamerpic Help

Hey all, first post on the community since buying diamond, but will go straight into it.

I am having a problem, which I cannot see on the community when looking. What happens is I go onto the custom gamerpic tool, then comes up the window. After that, I do not make custom gamerpics, yet I just use pre-made ones from the search game tool. After saving it onto USB and rehashing it etc, I go onto the xbox 360, plug USB in, move the gamerpic pack onto the HDD, but when I change my gamerpic onto one of the custom ones, it makes a sound, but does not do anything. The window does not close it just does nothing, the default ones work, but not the custom ones.

If anyone has had this problem and can help me fix it, or any suggestions, that would be great.


Are you talking about “custom” gamer pic packs or actual custom gamer pics?

If your talking about Packs like that you choose from like when you search with the tool save it to the USB and put it under your profile

If you are talking about a real custom gamer pic

  1. Get your pic of choice
  2. Make 2 of each 64px and 32px Name (2 pp_32 and tile_64 then with the other 2 pp_64 and tile_32) the px has to be the same as the name so if i have the 32 img’s id name them pp_32 and tile_64 same with the other size
  3. Go to your profile and replace pp_32 and so on with the names i listed above
  4. Rehash and resign and you should be good.

I mean like one downloaded off the Horizon gamerpic search bar. e.g. MLG or something.

Go to then find the gamer pic you want then click open image in new tab

You will get something like this

Copy the stuff after the t. and end at the / so you would copy 465607dd then search it in horizon and the group of pictures will come up if your gonna get MLG gamerpics they might take a while because they have alot of em