Custom input boxes

Is it possible to enter a custom number for example HP/MAX HP because sometimes the sliders will jump from 1 hp to 9999 with a slight movement.

Which game? Usually the hot keys for up/down will change slider values by a specified amount per button press. Sometimes the sliders are not as precise as using the hot keys.

Let me know if this helps you out :slight_smile:

may god bless you !!

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It’s for borderlands 3 pro users have a slider and it’s very sensitive and will jump very rapidly.

I could use the hotkeys but they are not the best either.

I know what you mean, but I don’t think there’s a way to select a specific value for the slider as of yet. Right now the hotkeys are your best bet and most precise way of getting a slider value where you want it.

Certain games have sliders that give a range much smaller [1-10] which makes it easier to use sliders, but when the slider offers thousands of values, it gets tricky trying to use your mouse or finger on the phone app.

I’m sure the WeMod team is aware of this and are adding this to their list of things to fix or redesign in the next batch of updates.

Hope this helps in some way :slight_smile:

This is something we’re looking at, no ETA as of yet :slightly_smiling_face:

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