Custom mod ? Pretty please

hey guys. Not sure if this is possible but I guess never hurts to ask. Can someone bless me with a mod that has just the enchanting and smithing perks but everything else including the levels regular. With 9999 gold and the health, stamina, and magic starting at 200.Lastly could I have miraak and the ebony warrior as followers. That would be a pic if someone helped me out. Thanks!

I forgot to ask if I would need a jtag for custom armors and spells/ shouts

You can not add inoffical content to a retail xbox. And i believe the follower cap is 1.
Post your save and i will add the other stuff.

Also, I could add all all shouts and/or spells for you, along with a set of daedric armor.

You may be able to give him Ebony Warrior/Miraak as followers with the command line by changing their factions. I’ve had ebony warrior glitch out on my 360 save and become a follower so it must be possible. The only way you can have two followers on xbox though is if you have 1 humanoid follower, and 1 dog/barbas.

I don’t have much experience with this but try player.placeatme Miraak/EW ID 1 and then change factions or whatever it says to do on the wiki.