Cute Pets Tab for Wemod

One of the best things about this community is the pet lounge on discord. It is filled with countless pictures of the best and cutest pets and animals. It’s time that we shared this source of entertainment and amusement with the rest of the community.

Presenting the “Cute Pets” tab for WeMod.

Yes, the devs have a huge backlog of trainers. Yes, there’s no practical way of implementing something like this that ties into the great pet content we have on Discord. But, pets are cute and we must find a way.

Users, staff, and developers all get frustrated from time to time. Mods don’t work, our favorite game hasn’t been updated, users not reading the faqs page, or game developers updating a game multiple times a month. We’ve all been there. Instead of posting verbal vomit in discord or the forums, we can now take 5 minutes and click the cute pets tab and feel our frustrations melt away.

Let this topic serve as a petition of support for adding this much-needed feature :+1:


My sister loves to sit on these pages and look at the pets. They are all very cute and help with fatigue.

I just came across this post on the forum and wanted to join. I’m new here, but I totally agree about the pet lounge on Discord. Honestly, sometimes it’s the highlight of my day to see all the adorable pets and animals that people have. Sharing that joy with the rest of the community is a great idea. It’s a great way to learn a lot of helpful information about caring for your pets or making friends with them. Also, before getting an iguana, I researched on if they attack people. This way, I can make better friends with my friend and share this knowledge with others.

The post was satire and I should’ve included that in the title. If a friendly neighborhood mod can make the correction, I’d appreciate it.