Cutting a motherboard?

So i want to do a project, but the issue is what I want to will involve having to cut the motherboard of a ps4 controller in half. I was wondering, if I did that, would it still work providing I don’t sever any lines? There is a spot where nothing crosses I believe

If no traces cross there it theoretically should be fine but I find it very hard to believe that there’s no traces across the middle of the controller

I’ve seen it done where people cut a board but it was separating a power side versus a pc side but I can’t imagine the controller doesn’t have anything connecting two sides… how would they work together? I’ve never opened one though.

yeah i was looking at a different picture.

hmm… is there a way i could cut the board in half and get the board to be working? maybe just solder part of the path with the other side and a few cables?

You can splice it back together just using fine wire. There really shouldn’t be an issue with it just be ready to spend a few hours soldering.

and you know cause you have cut a controller in half before

The PCB is probably layered, so you can’t see the traces. Maybe somebody has done it before?

No he knows become he understands how to complete a circuit…

ive cut many things in half.