Cyberpunk 2077 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Where did you buy the game? The game hasn’t been updated recently, and the trainer was updated and tested after the last update.

STEAM. I know where there is a problem. My friend told me that opening the modifier option with the mouse does not work. It is only useful to open the modifier with a shortcut key. But some shortcut keys are still not used. I need to modify one by one. So can you fix the mouse opening modifier option to make it useful?

That is a Pro only feature. All mods are still free to use via the hotkeys.

Thank you for this trainer. But its somehow curious how it works.

For example I adjust the amount of money, then me and also all dealers have this amount of money. Somehow useless.

Or if I increase the damage output, then also my enemies have increased damage output against me… which doesnt make it a cheat or trainer… it just increase the difficulty, because on highest damage rate my cars explode after just 2 or 3 hits.

What if I activate insta-kill? Will enemies kill me on first hit ?

Dont know how good or bad the other options work…

When I used One Hit kills, every car that explodes nearby, will instant kill me. So your guess is right. :joy:

Yeah including your own so if im drivin a car with that on and basically barely touch anything with my car it goes boom with me inside. also the health cheats doesn’t work for when you play as johnny in memory sections.

I agree with both. But the car explosion is kind of funny.

noit sure what but infinite health isnt working on cars at all, any car i enter during combat is INSTANTLY Destroyed…! and i die as i Cannot cancel the action :frowning: seems related to damage modifier which makes the game more playable in my opinion with all enemys being super strong versus weak me.

infinite health is for the player only. Don’t use the 1hit kill cheat while in a vehicle.

wemod cheats are free, PRO allows you to rebind them.

i have issues with unlimited ram at times it works then at times it appears back to like i never activated it and i didnt have enough ram to suffice an attack.

Yep tried again last night, with the cheats on , i still only could attack one person even with the unlimit ram on. Not sure why but Thank you for the mod!