Cyberpunk 2077 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hello everybody,

I do have Problems with Gameplay during Phantom Liberty DLC

Chimera can’t be destroyed, cause it’s Health doesn’t decrease - so The option to open the top flap is not coming up for Chimera. So this mission can’t be completed and I have to quit the game completely. In fact I can’t continue playing Phantom Liverty.

Is it just a Bug, or is there a Suggestion for me what Cheats shouldn’t be activated to complete the mission?

THX 4 helping

using this options, still make the bug, can not use radio to summon all of my cars/motorcycles (must be reloading the save games, for the function is working again) !

how to fix this bug when using wemod ??

Wemod can’t load the mods or start the game. Steam version ultimate.
So do I use wemod to start the game? Do I open the launcher and start wemod? Do I open the launcher, press play then start wemod?
Right now I’m paying good money for nothing…

I suggest starting the game first, and then when you’re in the game (fullly loaded into the game.) Then alt-tab to start wemod trainer.

Can we get an Increase Rate of Fire selector/modifier? All of the handguns fire way too slow with the new 2.0 update.

Just had a pretty big update.

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Today i found a bug since patch 2.11. When “unlimited items/ammunition” is activated and something is used, the game stop to showing the inventory in backbag. The stuff does not disappear, but you cant see it anymore.

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its look like i have found the bug ;

so, right now i am only have using…

  1. Unlimited Health

  2. Unlimited Stamina

  3. Unlimited Double Jump

  4. Unlimited Items/Ammo

  5. Grenades No Cooldown

  6. No Reload

but, again, after sometimes, using that options, the game will crash to desktop without reasons… so, how to fix that bug when using this wemod ??

have you found a fix for this yet? I’m having the same problem. I started two new games, one of them works just fine but the other one is having the exact same problem as you.

yup, i have that problem too in my steam version !

Hi guys I need some help I am playing Cyberpunk 2077 Steam version and I am using the Unlimited Street Creed and Lvl but for some reason I can’t buy all cars it’s says I need more street creed the same problem with the ripper docs I can’t buy any tier 5 Cyberware oder I can’t find any tier 5 weapon

Welcome to the community.

Some cars require certain missions to be completed before you can buy them.
The street cred error message is wrong and was never fixed by the game devs.

For example, one of the cars you can buy can only be bought if you make a certain choice in Claire’s quests.

Is there a possibility to getting a Rate of Fire mod or rapid fire mod, since they removed the Phantom weapons mod in the game?