CyberPunk 2077

How is there a Trainer in progress for Cyberpunk 2077 when the game isn’t out till November 19?

Where do you see a trainer in development? The game is on the voting list but that is fairly common to have games on there that aren’t out yet.

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When I clicked on WeMod App and went to the Games section it had in development Cyberpunk 2077 by Unknown User, then clicked on Request and saw it was on the List, then went back to Games and it wasn’t there anymore.

it was like “Cyberpunk 2077 by Unknown User” and that was why I made the topic.

But now I don’t see the Development anymore. So what did I see then?

I keep on switching back and forth to see if I can get it to pop back up again but no luck on my end.

I was gonna comment before and say cant make a trainer for game that’s not out yet.
Guessing it was just something funny or not sure what it mite have been.
Did you have your glasses on ?

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Yes lol, it was on a Big Screen 60 inch TV.
It was Very Hard to miss.

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Can we please reset the Request for Cyberpunk 2077, it’s at 8545/2000, I’m sure a lot of people don’t even realize the extra points is a waste to use.

Or at least a note in the Request Section, so people are aware of how far to go.

That’s my Request.

We do not reset request just because it exceeds the minimum amount. The required amount is shown on the page.