D3 Save Editor Datablock error

I am trying to use the D3 Save Editor but getting “Unable to Parse Datablock 0xA201”. I used to be able to use this with the old D3, but since ROS has come out and I have updated everything, this error is what I am getting. I am running this on Xbox 360, Windows 7 x64. Thanks, on any info on getting this to work or possibly even any mods samples.

I assume you are talking about Diablo III because of the ROS part (Reaper of Souls)… unfortunately Horizon doesn’t have a tool for that and I do not know if they have plans for this or not.

If you are talking about something else, please PM me. Until then, moved to Xbox 360 Profile & Gamesave Modding.

It is Diablo III for the 360. I have been able to save the file, but not able to modify anything. Is there a way to make it work still?

Sorry for the late reply. I’m confused on what you are trying to modify, care to elaborate? Thanks!

I am trying to modify items, gold, and upload other items from other saves.