Damn JD 2020 looks good

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Im not trollin, he looks really fly in that hat.


Don’t you mean iJustine?

lol wow, i always thought he was a fat guy… 0.o


His teef are awesome

I think shes hot… Oh wait which one is JD_2020?

He looks like a hillbilly crackhead. :stuck_out_tongue:

iJustine FTW! lol


LOL he looks retarded.

I made zrueda Laugh! 10pts for me.

Lazy eye buck tooth ****.

all that matters is that he gets *****es :stuck_out_tongue: haha

I would f*ck him so hard…wait…

Wow, just wow…

looks like he’s saying “Durr”


That’s his mom next to him.

Yea cause iJustine is his mom. :laughing: