Damn you Win XP DAMNN YOUUU!

Before i decide to re-install windows. I’m going to give hack forums a try because maybe JUST MAYBE there is someone on here that knows the secrets!

My first issue is… there is no taskbar! Yes i have tried running explorer.exe, no my taskbar is not set to autohide. There is literally no taskbar. Not in any other mode either (safe modes)

  1. I can’t start up any services. I want to try atleast uninstalling programs via safe mode but noooo windows installer services gives me an error. error 1068 something about dependencies. Well, guess what i can’t even hit properties on the services window because it won’t do anyting. The “Run as Administrator” option has completely dissapeared.

I might as well re-install windows. Oh btw i do have the install disc and i have done a /p scan and /r scan. now i’m doing a sfc /scannow lets see how that goes)

Anyway as a pass all my pictures and files to my flashdrive does anyone have a solution for this. I have googled and nothing has worked. My computer is retarted.