Dante Inferno Trainer?

Hi guys, I am looking for a Dante Inferno trainer for the xbox 360. Every where i go it seems the links are broken. Could someone point me to a working link please?

I found these 2.

Info here: [Trainer] [RETROBYTE] Single -Trainers

Info here:Dante's Inferno +4 Trainer | XPG Gaming Community

I think they are for Jtags. As i can not open the program to put my save on. Or do i open my save in a tool and add these files to it?

Those trainers are for Jtags, as are all trainers available for 360 games. What you’re looking for is a save editor. The last time I checked there weren’t any save editors for this game. I do remember hearing about an ISO editor or hex editing is possible as well as using someone else’s save file.

Damn thats so annoying. As i am stuck on the game and just want to use a editor so i can get passed it. I can not believe no one made a editor for this game. I thought it would of been a big game.

What exactly do you want to edit in your save? If you want to upload your save I’ll see if I can hex edit it, or I have Jtags so I might be able to load your save, run a trainer to get you more of whatever you need, save the game, and then you can use it in that altered state. It might work, it might not.

-EDIT- If you do give me your save please let me know if you have any of the DLC installed and what title update you are using.

All i want to edit is my health. As i keep dying to this boss and cant get passed it. Im not worried about the stats as i can uograde them along the way. I just want to get through the story without dying

First off I’ve never played Dante’s Inferno so I honestly don’t know anything about it or how the health system works. I would say if you are starting with full health before that boss battle I’m not sure what could be done on a retail/stock console. But if you want to give me your save file I can download the game for my Jtag and take a look. It’s possible that I could unlock or add stuff for you to upgrade your character with making the game a bit easier. Now if the issue is that you’re starting with low health just before the boss battle I could probably hex edit it back to full health. There’s probably something I can do if I get your save. Or if you do some research on hex editing it maybe you can figure it out yourself. I don’t mind helping when I can, but I’m not a pro at this stuff, but everytime I attempt to help one of you guys I learn a little something and sometimes find a new game I can actually get into.

DI1-EN-725452467062158404441640 (mediafire.com)

This is my save. If you can figure it out it would be awesome if there was a save editor. Thanks for looking as i know nothing about editing files.

No problem. Don’t expect anything today or by tonight, I still need to find a working download link for the actual game.

Do you have any of the DLC and know what title update you have if you are using one?

No that’s all kl. Thank you for helping as i have no idea what im doing lol. But i would love to see if someone could make a editor for this as its been years since its been out. Good Luck and thanks once again.

I have the Latest title update. As for DLC i have the Trials of St. Lucia and Free Souls Pack.

-Edit- I just noticed your edit with DLC & TU info. Let me try to get those now.

Ok I found a super fast download for the game. I just signed your save to my profile but I’m getting the error message below. You must have at least 1 DLC or a title update installed. Please look in the Dante’s Inferno folder in storage and let me know exactly what’s in it or take a pic so I can see what’s in there.

Dante Saves (mediafire.com)

Hopefully this will help. I found 2 more saves on my cloud.

I’m having a very hard time finding the dlc in anything other than russian and I can’t find the Free Souls Pack at all. I tried all 3 title update #2 with the russian Trials of St Lucia installed but keep getting the same error message. If it’s easy enough for you to upload your 2 DLCs & the title update that should definitely make your save loadable on my end. Otherwise I’ll have to look more or hope this guy I asked to fix his link does fix it. I know it’s kind of a pain in the butt and there no guarantee I’ll be able to work something out for you but I can’t do anything without being able to test the save in game.

-EDIT- I just found all the DLC on archive.org so don’t worry about uploading if you haven’t started yet. It is downloading at very slow speed so i won’t know for sure if it’ll work for a bit. I’ll keep you posted.

No problem. Thanks for trying. Ill have to upload the stuff tomorrow evening. At its now 23.00. I did noticed when i purchased St. DLC that its not on the 360 store only on Xbox One Store. But ill see if i can upload the files tomorrow. I cant remember how you get the title update off the HDD tho. As it dont show up cos its under 4MB. It only shows on the HDD if its more then 4MB

Don’t worry about getting me the files. I got all of them and got your save loading. I see you start at about half health but when you climb the wall to the boss battle it goes back to full health. I do see that you have enough skill points or souls to upgrade a skill. Have you unlocked something to see if that helps with the battle? I unlocked the attack that you use LB + A to use and tried fighting that boss guy with the huge chick in the background and had him down to about 25% health on my first attempt so I feel it’s possible to defeat without any save editing. I will see what I can do though, but without a Jtag where you can run a trainer there’s not really any way to add extra health, but I could be wrong. I’ve already spent a lot of time on this today but will see what I can figure out tomorrow when I have some more time.

Thanks you for even looking. Maybe ill look into the upgrading the attack. But would still like to see a editor of some kind. Thank you for your time

I’ve been searching through your save file in a hex editor to try to find values to increase. No luck yet. After doing some research it seems like saves for this games are encrypted very well. It seems like there was never a save editor created for it because of that fact and a checksum. I’m still going to try a few more things and messaged a guy who said he was able to modify his save by hex editing.

There’s some info in this topic @ 360Haven if you want to read for yourself. I’m attempting the method mentioned in post 10 on page 2: Dante's Inferno tool

Why do i always end up picking a game that is so hard to modify lol. When you speak of check sums. How do they work. I have heard this before many years ago. Not sure what it means tho? Is it that if some of the coding changes the check sum changes with it?

I don’t fully understand what checksums are but it’s something along the lines of it checking the file and knowing it was altered rendering it corrupted to the game. Something like that.