Dark Souls 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I am not from From software (what a stupid company name) but as long as you don’t go online with modded stats, you should be fine.


I have one problem. I am unable to gain any souls from killing enemies or when I use an item that gives souls. Is there anyway around this?

You can increase your souls with the trainer cheat - Add 5k Souls. If you want your souls to increase from in-game activities, disable the trainer.

Ok. Thank you for the response.

…cant use the trainer, after downloading it stucks in a loading screen on the infinty desktop app…
*and no, isnt my antvir…

Where exactly is it stuck?
We need more information then that.
Use that bat to erase your cache that might work:

okay, it’s so, after clickin’ on download here on the dark souls 3 page, everything worked so far.
The a window pop’s up, as usual what downloads the trainer.
after hitting 100%, it open the inifinty app and all I see is an endless “loop” even after waiting 15 mins. (have 100k connection)
tried reinstall, bat file, run as admin, I’m rly out of ideas, all other trainers are working, kinda strange.

Press ctrl+shift+d > console and see if any errors(red) are there. Paste them here

hey thanks alot for the fast response and help guys :slight_smile:
but I tried some other fix, I installed infinty on my other drive and it worked now, strange but, ya works now o_O

I understand that I do not get souls while using the trainer, however, is there a reason as to why that is?

Trainer writes the value constantly so you can add souls to your liking or have unlimited of them.

I don’t suppose it’d be possible to make that an option in order for some to play the game normally, but just invincible in order to farm out souls, so as to keep the char safe for online use, or would that not be possible at all?

The problem is it would break the remote because it needs several variables to keep track of user changes (pressing hotkeys) and the in-game value changes. I did it before in infinity v1 and the remote was broke as well as the game crashing in cutscenes (the game data wouldn’t exist at all).

It’s a mess to do.

Ah, I understand now, that explains a lot, thanks for the answer

So I tried the cheats and some did work, but I got 4144 souls now… and now I can not level up or buy anything. I level up as I normal do at Fire Keeper but when go back from level up menu all my souls are refunded and no level was gained. Same thing happens at the store. I can buy stuff with souls but once I go back from the store menu, my souls are refunded and no items added. I also tried making a new file and yet again I stated with 4144 souls… what happened?

You can increase your souls/level from the trainer. If you want normally, disable trainer.

I have a few issues.
Add Souls: Works fine, it adds souls to your value, but you can not level up (the game does not save the stat boost even after confirming) and you can’t insert the coiled sword into the firelink shrine bonefire. I will attempt to try these codes after that point in the game but I thought I’d make the issues with them apparent.
Unlimited Consumables works fine, but it doesn’t work for the flask you use to refill your FP. It also doesn’t work on inventory items (like the Purple moss stuff that removes poison, titanite shards etc) if possible I’d like an update to include these.
Always Drop Loot Works Briefly, then stops working.
I’m assuming that these issues are a result of the anti cheat codes but I’m not sure.

So the other cheats for Dark Souls 3 work as expected.
Except for Souls Ammount.
Once I use it, the game stops adding souls past a certain point.
And even if I stop using it at a normal point (say pressing the button once) the game NO LONGER ADDS SOULS FROM DEFEATED ENEMIES or from deserted corpse souls (all ranks)

could you add a custom (item name here) amount?
It’s pretty annoying to farm for Titanite shards and stuff like that.
Much appreciated ^+^

Can anyone tell me if this is currently working on the crack version?