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Dark Souls 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


@STN Im not sure why but when you use Unlimited Consumables it Crashes the game not sure if im the only one that is getting this.

EDIT: Should have added that you need to use the Fast Travel.


Game constantly turns off cheats. Restarted multiple times with no fix in sight. Very sad about this. Paid for pro now it’s useless :expressionless: Wish I would have known before spending the money.


Trainer is free so you didn’t need Pro and game has anti-cheat, has been there since launch and i have mentioned this multiple times in this thread alone. It’s not trainer’s fault.

Not sure what you wanted out of Pro that you think its useless ? Pro lets you use the remote which you can and gives more points which you should have.


you’re not alone, I’ve also encountered this issue. For me it seems it only does this when interacting with bonfires, be it going into or going out of.






Will I get banned in game from online If I have this on my computer?

I have no plan to use the cheats in Dark Souls and only run the game normally from steam, not using infinity at all, will the anti cheat detect I have this on my computer and ban me or will I be fine if I never use the cheats?


Most likely not. You should be 99.999% safe.


Alrighty thanks, here’s hoping nothing happens.


Anyone having problems with the unlimited consumables cheat? Mine will not toggle on, the activation sound cue will play but it will instantly disable.


@NETSI I got banned. Disable your internet before launching!


You don’t need to disable internet. Just select offline in network settings in game and don’t go online with your modded character.


im also having issues with unlimited consumables, im offline and the toggle doesnt stay on


My unlimited consumables is also not working. Does anyone have a fix for it?


I discovered the same thing, ever since the 1.15 update released on 8/25/17 the unlimited consumables will not stay enabled.


just checking if the consumables cheat was already beeing talked about and just saying still doesnt work


i know it seems random but does anyone know when the hotline miami 2 trainer comes out? still waiting



oh ok thanks normally i dont have much patience but for a game were i cant even beat the second chapter. i can definitly wait for a trainer that actually works instead of others like mrantifun’s trainer


Hello, I’m having issues. I am playing on the steam version of the game and the trainer is working very well… but whenever I try to spend my souls on leveling up or upgrading weapons the souls are consumed but nothing was given in return. Ever time I try to level up a stat I check and the stat remains the same. Same goes for the weapons. My souls where spent but I received nothing in return. What could be the issue?