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Dark Souls 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I had this problem as well. I found that once you get the souls you need to save, exit and quit the game. Then start the game again from steam or desktop WITHOUT the trainer running and you should be able to level up at least, however i dont no about the weapons part.
Once you can level up again you should be ok to open the trainer again.
Hope this helps


You can level up using the trainer cheats


Can you upgrade weapons too? I doubt it right. Well ya I’m just trying to see if it’s the trainer causing the issue. Cause I can’t buy anything with souls. Have you heard of this problem occurring at all?


Everything should be posted here in this thread.


It was more than likely one of the NPC invasions that happen.


Ssorry but i try to play now and idk but Unlimited Consumables don´t work :frowning:


Hi, I’m having an issue here it seems when i launch the game thru infinity it locks me to 25fps i checked nvidia control panel turned off vsync,turned on vsync,set to fast and adaptive, changed power to maximal performance turned all settings to low in game put resolution to 800x450 windowed mode but if i launch it thru steam i get a constant 60fps on @1920x1080 i dont know what to do please help.

i7 6700k
Gtx 1070
32gb ram
game is on samsung 850 evo ssd


A lot of times an anti-virus will slow it down like this


Launch the game via steam, then with the save game loaded, just start infinity


@Spray1 i just did what you suggested and i have 60fps and when i launch infinity i go from 60fps to 25fps instantly.


Uhh you started asking here aswell that’s 3 posts about the same thing now.
Anyways check the thread you made.


Hi, does this trainer works for Dark Souls v1.14 Deluxe Edition (it comes with all DLCs).

I tried gaining souls with it, and it works, but after I spent souls to level up, after some time the level of character resets to the starting level, and all stats are lost as well.

From my understanding, it seems that the trainer stats overwrite the ones in the game? How can I fix this? Thank you.


Use the trainer to modify your stats?


Oh, so I cannot gain stats through normal play, only through trainer? The reason why I am using trainer is to reach faster DLC content, so I was thinking to level up fast on the start, but after I reach DLC I wanted to continue playing normally. Is this gonna be possible?


Are there any of the trainer cheats I can use online and not get banned for please ?




i’m having trorubles with the trainer it doesn’t work at all…


Game version/source?


yo just saying the consumables still dont work


Game has a nasty anticheat