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Dark Souls 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Encountering an issue with the infinite consumables cheat, in that it just immediately turns itself off again when activated.


i downloaded infinity and linked ds3, how to do you activate the cheats, i have tried increasing and decreasing soul amount and nothing changes in game. increasing stats does not work. am i doing something wrong or am i missing something


Do you have steam version?


Just running into a small prob. The program keeps overwriting my stats and progression. Not to much of a big deal since i can just input the info again. Just something I noticed.


Yeah it works through infinity (you can inc/dec your level with it).


Hey everyone, I’m having an issue with the “Unlimited Consumables” option. All the others toggle on and work great but the consumables option instantly toggles itself back off when activated. Any Ideas?


Probably game update broke it :frowning:


Could you make an update for this trainer? make it undetected please, just few days after using this trainer we get banned from using online features !


Well thats your fault. No trainer out there should be used online !
And even if you domt use the trainer online , you mod your character to have one billion souls , ya you will get banned


Why would you use it online


if i used cheat engine for items, armor, weapons… etc in offline mode. then restart the game then open in online mode. could i get banned too?


Hey I’m trying to use the mods but wont let me switch them from off to on… what is the fix to that?


I don’t know or care.

@realweaponafk This trainer is for steam version.


The trainer is very well made and it’s helped me beat the game thanks. Just to let you know the unlimited consumables doesn’t work, it would be nice to have. Thx


Heyo Happy to say i was finally able to donate to you guys you all do such a great job. Having alot of fun replaying all my games :slight_smile: . Just wanted to let you know lil prob im running into with darksouls 3 is the always drop loot kinda just stops working. Not to big of a deal i just re enable it with the remote app but just a lil feed back :slight_smile: keep up the great work


Hey I love this trainer, it’s crazy awesome. Too bad I was online and got banned without realizing it, but it’s whatever. The unlimited consumable items doesn’t works sadly, it just deactivates the cheat and the cheat engine sometimes just stops working for a little(that could be a problem with my pc, not sure completely). Other than it’s perfect and absolutely awesome! Keep up the good work!


Unlimited consumables doesn’t work.


Anyone know which of these will get you caught if you use them offline and then turn them off and go online? The immortality and loot dropping would be great for saving dull farming time but there’s not much point if I then have to delete all my saves


The game detects it if you have ridiculous stats.
But that said there is always a risk in going online with cheats that are not made for multiplayer


I don’t know or care.