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Dark Souls 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I never enabled any of the cheats.

I got banned.



Don’t go online with trainers injected into games and don’t go online with modded characters. Really simple.


Here’s the thing:

I only injected it on the main menu, before I even had a character, didn’t turn on any cheats and then closed the app. So idk why I got banned


Restart the game next time I guess. Something must have remained in the process.


has any one noticed that using any of the cheats that you can NOT level up any more?
you can get as many souls that you want but when you go to level up as soon as you exit the screen your level is reset.


@AzKiller0960 You most likely had invalid data warning (not a full ban). It will pass if you stop cheating online. Stop using infinity with the game when you’re ONLINE.

The game is online by default, go to your game settings > network and change it to offline.

Also please stop playing dumb, you get banned because you deserve it and it is not infinity’s fault. I have said it countless times in this thread that this trainer will get you banned if used online, if you people didn’t care, why the blame on me?

Despite my countless warnings, people still use my trainers to cheat online. Then come crying to me and blaming me when they do get banned.


No one is blaming you, they’re just seeking advice. I’d advise them to back up their save before hand and to note that steam family sharing works on even a banned account.


For anyone looking to back up their save files you need to understand that the devs have patched it so it’s not officially possible, but if you use a save manager you can integrate your saves.

For anyone who has been banned, nexus mods has a save file that contains a completed account. You’ll need to read the instructions and use the ‘Dark Souls 3 Save Manager’ to allow this file to integrate into your account.

In order to copy this save file over your banned save, you’ll need to find where saves for Dark Souls 3 are located in your: /C>Users>“username”>AppData>Roaming>DarkSoulsIII.

It’s possible that the folders are hidden so unhide them in your folder settings.

Hope this helps.


I never enabled any of the cheats.

I got banned.



I get the feeling you haven’t read what i said properly; I clearly said that I didn’t actually use it, I clicked on “play” and then closed Infinity, so I didn’t actually do anything that would get me banned, and yes it’s a full ban I double checked and couldn’t play with my friends. Once again: I didn’t use the trainer.

Also, I didn’t blame you for my ban, I just wanted to share what happened to me.

P.S.: I know it’s a ban because it says “Your account has been penalized”, I’m not “playing dumb” since I haven’t even used any of the cheats, or kept Infinity opened after that one time I turned on the trainer on the main menu.


@AzKiller0960. Ya but your character had 1 million souls so they knew even if u didnt use the trainer your game was modified !


Wait, are people actually being banned offline?


Pressing start starts the game and injects the trainer. Use steam to start games if you want to be safe going online. Infinity is a modding tool, not a game hub.


@Blizzrobe NO. People are abusing the trainer online and then get banned.


That doesn’t matter if you modified your stats either with infinity or some other tool and then went online with those. The game doesn’t even have any anticheat that detects if you’re running a cheating tool rather it checks user’s savedata (stats, level etc.) and if any irregularities are found = ban.

So you could have cheated a year ago and went online with that data today and you will still get banned.

The ban is also not instant.

In short, if you got banned you had it coming. Whether you knowingly or unknowingly went online with cheated character i don’t know but it’s not a mystery why you were punished.

PS: So you’re not blaming infinity but still you were giving the impression that infinity is dangerous and could get someone else banned which isn’t true at all.


@ptondo @STN Once again, I haven’t used any of the cheats, nor did I keep Infinity open after checking if it injected.

And @sNaKe I know that, I’ve been using Infinity for other games for quite a while now.

Oh btw I’ve only had the game for about a month, so there’s no “you could’ve cheated a year ago” problems with me.


I mean you can use Infinity wrong if you want but it is 100% on you if you get banned. Either you used Infinity wrong or you have done something else to deserve the ban, either way there is no reason to complain here.


I just bought the game and used this trainer the infinite health and stamina arent working I just die I am playing on offline also the unlimited consumables wont work


When i Play Dark Souls 3 with Infinity the game crashes could someone help me ?


Get steam version