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Dark Souls 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Just wanna say thanks for your hard work and for taking the time to try to help everyone the game has a bitch of an anticheat so it must make it difficult for the cheats to work properly but keep up the good work and thanks again.


Please fix! As soon as the cheats are enabled, levelling up becomes null. You can obtain and spend souls but the character resets back to level 1 after exiting the level up screen.


You can modify your stats with trainer


Very nice ! :smiley:


How far did you go with this? I’m constantly dying when fighting bosses. Their special attack kills me instantly!


It’s probably scripted then. I haven’t had that happen to me so i don’t know what is the issue.


On Lothric, Younger Prince and Lorian - his special attack fire straight forward to you needs only one hit even with all the cheats you provide with your program. When fighting both with his sister on his back it gets even worse…Sometimes the cheats aren’t active or stay active for few minutes. It might need to be checked. Also the knight guards at the front if they hit you with their special attack - you’re dead.


Having Trouble with the infinite health Focus and Stamina buttons not working after a while. I started a new character and after about 20 mins or so the trainer stopped working. I know there is an anti cheat function in the game and I know you had patched it I’m not sure what I am doing wrong.


That’s the anticheat. Trainer should rewrite itself but if that doesn’t work, disable and enable the trainer again.


@STN Please fix unlimited health bug. Some bosses also have unlimited health and kill me even though my health does not depleat. Thank you soo much for your time.


It must be a scripted event then.


every time i give myself souls the game stops working and i have to close it


i died with unlimited health wtf


So i noticed a while back there was an update for stats. So when i try to level up my stats through the game it will take my souls and level up that specific stat but with in a few seconds later it goes back to what it was before i leveled up and my souls are gone. Any ideas on why thats happening?


You can modify your stats with the trainer


I get that but i was trying to do it through the game without having to use the trainer. And the trainer seems to be stopping me from doing that.


Don’t use the trainer then?


Can you get banned or any punishment if you get caught using this ?


No as long as you use it offline.


does it stop you from going online in the future?