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Dark Souls 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


If you modified your stats, yes. Don’t use that character then


Is it only stats or can i use health/other stuff?


I don’t know or care. I only know this trainer is 100% safe to use offline.


I asked a question I did not ask if you cared lol


And he answered it.


Playing Dark souls 3, is there any way you can stop the souls from increasing everytime I run or roll??


i have noticed that the main thing I want to use, which is the unlimited consumables mainly for titanite slabs isn’t working, if I click to turn it on it just goes straight back off again I can’t actually turn it on anymore. can you fix this possibly?

thank you for your time.


I noticed that it turns off somtimes in middle of game then gota close the game and re open it again for it to work again if its possible that u can fix it :slight_smile:


it is the game’s anticheat - game overwrites its code after a few minutes. The trainer does the same but the cheats can turn off sometimes and need to be enabled.


Try checking the keybind you have set to the increase souls button you may find it’s the same as the roll button you have by mistake


STN can you please take a look at the unlimited consumables on dark souls 3 it doesn’t work, it did before but doesn’t now ive tried deleted and re downloading the client to avoid bothering you but no joy


I’m in the same boat as Symbiot, using the soul number to give me souls wont let my character level up, and the infinite consumable use isn’t working either.


You can change your souls and levels with trainer


I’ve been scanning the thread and can’t find a clear answer. If I use the Unlimited Health, Unlimited Stamina, and Zero Weight cheats OFFLINE (just to farm for a while and get gear) and then restart the game without the trainer then go online, will that ban me? I’m unsure if those 3 cheats leave a permanent change on my character so I want to be absolutely sure.


That’s because there isn’t a clear answer to give. We don’t know if you are going to be banned. They have every right to ban you if you go online with modded stats, either live with the risk or don’t do it.


Let me change the question then, does the Unlimited Health, Unlimited Stamina, and Zero Weight cheats permanently affect your character’s stats?


Depends how they are made.
If they put your stamina/health to 999999 then yes if not then no


The one in the Infinity Trainer.


@STN should know the answer


I think you should know my answer by now. I don’t know(in this case i do) and i don’t care.

I made this trainer for offline use only and that’s all i care about. Anyone using my trainer online, i hope they get banned.