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Dark Souls 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


@STN What are the files that Infinity adds to dark souls III? Can’t seem to figure out the ones that it adds


Infinity doesn’t add or modify any files. It simply modifies the memory


So, I cannot go online anymore?


Not with that character if you modded your stats.


Hi @STN, love your work.

Recently I haven’t been able to use the ‘Unlimited Consumables’ option under the Inventory section.

The toggle simply turns off when trying to toggle it on. I’ve tried changing the bound hotkey and the number of consumables in my inventory but nothing seems to work.

Please help!

Thanks a bunch


Unlimited consumables doesn’t work


Hi there @STN I’ve been scrolling through the comments of your trainer recently and I’ve seen that the trainer that I’m using right now (which is your’s) is just the tip of the ice berg compared to the earlier stages of the trainer. Also that, you’re very active to responding to complaints of your clients and by that I must say that’s fantastic of you considering the performance of this trainer of your’s. Very well done @STN , listening to the community is not very often of which you find in other people. Keep up the good work!


Hello in the Dark Souls Cheat 3 I Can not Activate the Unlimited Consumables Option Why?


So today i was playing Dark Souls 3 with infinty on. I used unlimited health only. Firstly my HP nearly depleted when fighting Sword Master in Firelink Shrine after 3 seconds goes back to full I donno know maybe i was under bleeding effect. Secondly i cannot level up in firekeeper. I spend my souls but no atribitues change. Thank god i can kill enemies and gains souls for them normally but this issues above require looking at this closely.


Uther, if you look through the comments this has been addressed already. It’s not really being fixed as far as I can tell. You’ll get told how you can change your stats through the trainer also if you want to level up and the games anti cheat feature will deactivate your cheats for a minute every now and then but the trainer will automatically reactivate them after a short time. If you want to level yourself with souls and not with the trainer all you have to do is wait til you have accumulated your desired amount and then restart the game without the trainer running and you can level up normally.


Everything seems to work except for any changes to the stats or number of souls, does anyone know a fix for this? Also if there is a way to reset the hotkeys to default id like to know


You can edit them from trainer


Still can’t seem to turn on Unlimited Consumables. Thanks for such a great trainer though.


Hi, I can’t activate anything. Is there an action I missed ?


Click play in infinity


Thank you @STN , for the work you and your team puts in. You are making games like DS3 more accessible to the causal gamers such as myself and feel helping grow gaming as a whole. If not for this trainer I would have not bought this game. With that being said I’ve seem to hit a snag with activating the trainer. I press play from the infinity application, and the game loads but the trainer does not activate. the symbol next to the work play just keep spinning. I’ve looked at he previous replies and have tried restarting(pc, game , and infinity). I was using it just fine offline yesterday but today no luck.

Any one else going through this?
Is there a fix?


Disable your antivirus and add infinity to its exception list. Spam the Play key.

That should fix it


Whenever I use unlimited consumables it instantly deactivates? Have you got a solution to this?


I am having the same issue


me too