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Dark Souls 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


i haven’t used this yet but i just got another copy of darksouls 3. if i use this to increase my souls offline and then get online will i recieve a softban or just straight up get slapped with the ban hammer?


Try it out and report back


I have a problem where the unlimited consumables turns on but then immediately turns off (with sound) no matter how many times I try it won’t stay on. Could you modify the drop loot cheat to drop rare loot more frequently, I spent an hour last night grinding sunlight medals with the cheat and only got 1


Hey thanks for ur mod u did really good. there is just one Little problem. 5. unlimited consumables doesnt function on my character.


Thanks for the trainer, although I have a small problem, every time I try to activate it, it locks the game around 26 fps or below, I tried with multiple controllers (both DS4 and XBONE), any my computer should definitely be able to run the game stable, as it did in the past 130 hours of gametime. Specs are i7-6700K, GTX 1080 Ti, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM. The framerate is a stable 60 FPS when I launch the game and play around (desktop shortcut), but whenever I press Play in Infinity, it drops. Possible problems with the injector? (not a programmer, don’t get mad at me please D: )
Thanks for your work!


Disable or uninstall your AV. Figure out what else could be causing this problem.


The unlimited items cheat doesnt work in fact i cant even activate it. will this be fixed? It turns off right away after activating.


I’m getting crashes when starting the game with Infinity, but it loads fine without it.


Disable your antivirus. Run the game in offline mode


thanks, it works now but uses a lot of my cpu. uses like 40% of my cpu and 300mb ram


Oh im going to assume that consumable is auto turned off because it causes you to spawn crafting materials which can get you banned


Should not of used this online. No trainer is made for online use !


even if you used it for offline the moment you go online whether on accident or purpose you will get flagged on tuesdays. I used the trainer to make a quick pvp build didnt realise it can cause you to be ban since lots of twich streamers use this same method to make quick pvp builds


Anyone who cheats in pvp should be banned.


Unlimited consumables is not functioning at the moment.


Whenever I toggle Inf. Health on after about a minute I get a Memory Error message pop-up telling me to terminate the game, which forces the game to close no matter what I do. I uninstalled my AV and tried again, still the same thing.


Get steam version.


infinite health & stamina now only works sometimes, infinite item use doesnt work at all and the game likes to crash alot more than it used to for some reason even if you are just using inf health & stamina

Steam version, latest build, running in offline mode from a fresh install and new game (no save file)


Same, infinite health & stamina now only works sometimes, infinite item use doesnt work at all, pls fix


Did the game have an update that i am not aware of?