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Dark Souls 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Dark souls 3 wasn’t remastered.
Dark souls 1 was.


I am even more confused now lol


Infinite health and stamina shuts off occasionally. infinite item doesn’t work at all


The game has anticheat that turns off cheat. Trainer will reactivate them though


Infinite items still don’t work, the cheat essentially turns off as soon as you turn it on, you only here the activation sound no matter how many times you hit the button.


Okay, so im getting a bit of a wierd problem, when i just try to get souls for an offline game play by using souls cheat i literally cannot spend them on levels. i dont plan on going online cuz i think thats boring, i just wanna for once feel a bit overpowered in a dark souls game. when activating the cheat i set my souls to (xxxx) and go to spend them, after spending them on levels the souls are gone but my stats stay the same as they were beforehand. can somebody explain this to me?


You can modify your stats with the trainer.


i tend to get the problem that it doesnt work at all. maybe i just suck at things like this or im doing it wrong but my stats never change


The Infinite items doesn’t work, any updates?


so i was wondering is it possible to have the health stamina and fp unlimited and not have the stats on a fixed setting were you have to touch them just to lvl up because i dont want to mess with them i just want the three things health fp and stamina but i cant lvl up it just uses my souls and puts me right back to my same lvl and stats i was right before i started the game


This trainer needs to be fixed as it doesn’t work at all


What? The only cheat i am awate not working is consumable


Well, in my version only the inf health works temporarily, none of ta stats upgrades or souls upgrade works. I am sorry.


The game has anticheat and disables the cheats after a while
Trainer should reactivate itself though.


Yes I know. This is the exact situation:

  • The infinite stats work temporarily
  • The stats and souls upgrades plainly don’t work at all and never
  • The freeze enemies mod works correctly

I don’t know about the always drop loot as I haven’t tested it. Also the trainer never reactivates itself unfortunately. I should know as I have lost a bunch of souls. Btw, you can still die at times even when inf health works. :frowning:

Thanks for this trainer but it really has a bunch of issues, I really hope you can fix it though. :smiley:


Are you able to update this so consumables work?


Just wanted to say thanks for making this trainer! It lets people like me who don’t have the time to “git gud” still enjoy the game on our own terms. I just play offline and like to enjoy the single player experience.


Any chance of a quick update to make consumables work? I love the trainer and game but those shards are hard to get.


so I have a small complaint and a thing of note. so I’ll start with the thing of note, I have to constantly turn the item drop on and off for it to work. I’ve noticed that it resets after entering a different area. the complaint is that the consumables aren’t working. I’ll turn it on and it turns off a second later. I’m not entirely sure if anyone is having the exact same issue but I thought I should bring it up all the same.


Hey, STN, I was asking if you can fix the problem with the Unlimited Consumables, it wont stay on