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Dark Souls II - Ultimate Starter Saves

it wont let me open this in a folder so i can save it and use it? what do i do?

How can I make it work?

you do realize you don’t HAVE to do pvp right? why you guys make such a big deal about stupid multiplayer i will never understand… worried about console banns and other penalties that ONLY affect those into the most annoying thing ever invented in gaming that is online mp? theirs a simple solution + STAY OUT OF PVP and just play the damn game = problem solved.
these games shouldn’t have PVP anyway ffs!! theirs no reason for it to be in the game, it serves 0 purpose and all it does is ruin the experience. screw PVP! :smirk:
@OP save works like a charm m8! :thumbsup: you guys having problems with it must be doing something wrong cause all i did was rehash/resign as usual…
THANKS BUNCHES for this!!! best save i’ve found for it so far, you should get a gold medal for this one m8! again THANKS!! :wink:

is there an editor for this game? like the one for the first dark souls.

put a tutorial next time

does it have the dlc?

okay for the start u need to install 7zip or .rar or winzip if u have it but the other two are free programs,i recommend 7zip personally its allot simpler.when u get the mod downloaded move it to whatever file program u downloaded then extract (open in the program then drag and drop on desktop). then open modio or horizon (horizon recommended, way easier) open your save u have on the usb then drag the save u put on the desktop(modded save) to the save editor it should pull up (make shure its for the console your wanting to mod) then copy all your ids to the save that has the 0s (console id) then click save and rehash on the one you imported(modded save) then close the one on your usb, then you should have your modded one still there, click save to device and replace. insert usb into your console and your ready to play

Welcome to the community @Syphlix. :slight_smile:

Please make sure you check the dates of the posts you plan to reply to.
The person you replied to posted their query in 2014 (and hasn’t visited the community for some time according to his profile). I think he probably resolved it by now. :laughing:

But thank you for helping anyway, maybe it’ll help others who come across this thread. :slight_smile: