Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Bitdefender is the worst.

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It is called bit defender, cleary it is doing its job defending against bits.

Hi I have a request could you please add one hit kills

Due to the age of this game no new options will be made, it is still able to be updated if votes for though :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay thanks you

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Hello i would like to request an update to this trainer for a few reasons

the unlimited health would love to take a simple fall in the dungeon right below king bull demon area where undead king dragon . Die from the simplest fall in there…

also having the max health bar stay filled fully with the unlimited vitality, cause gotta love seeing that big filled bar across my screen. (This should be noted with unlimited stamina and unlimited endurance same thing as well for them but fix the stamina bar where it’s filled fully.)

max level should be higher than 99 where it should be at 710

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I’ve made this trainer available to vote on for an update in the WeMod app!

Hi guys. I was just reading through these comments. Notice that the trainer doesn’t support the cracked version of Dark Souls. Will there ever been a time it will? i just want to know cos i have added the files from the disk version to the steam version, So that i can get the game for windows achievements.

hey! you probably wont add this but can you add an option where theres no death penalty (not losing souls) or infinite ring of sacrifice for the people that wants to experience the game but without stress yknow :smirk: :+1:

can you guys unlimited items and super discovery?

How come the One Hit Kill option is missing… it is the second most essential cheat feature after Infinite Health, and it is needed for Dark Souls especially, because otherwise bosses take too long

It is very Annoying because when i try to enable infinite health it make my health very low and the bosses kill me because they’re damage is so much that can over pass the cheat health

PLS Fix it