Dark Souls Ultimate Start Saves

Hey guys me and ytv have put together an ultimate starter save for Dark Souls.

There are two save files that have all classes for both Male and Female characters.

What the saves have:

At the first Bonfire after the Tutorial boss fight
HP 5000/5000
Stamina 5000
Max Souls (999999999)
Max Humanity (99)

Enjoy, also the saves are VERY touchy and might not work for everyone, they did load up for me and ytv, so don’t complain that they don’t work. We are looking into getting it to work but so far can figure out why it does that.



FYI Horizon does not seem to Rehash and Resign these properly and alters the size a tiny bit (dunno if all the time) I ended up having to use Modio to Rehash and Resign a save i had gotten from Magnus Hydra over at 360haven.

Why would you want to mod this game. The difficulty actually makes it worth playing legit.

Please know what type of website you’re on before posting, k thx bye… :laughing:

Their are a few of these trolls on here for some reason. I have gotten to where I just report without a retort.

Please know that this is a forum and opinions are expressed on forums. k thx bye

Please know this is not the opinion thread this is the “Dark Souls Ultimate Start Saves” thread so if your not posting anything relevant to that you are posting spam and being a troll, “k thx bye”

This is a [i][u][/i][/u]“MODDING”[i][b][/i][/b] website meaning that the site is designed for MODDING games, if you don’t want to mod this game DON’T DOWNLOAD my save… Just because you don’t want to mod the game doesn’t mean that others don’t :confused:

No more off-topic discussion/flaming in this thread. Offenders will be punished.

My posts were not off topic, and I was not flaming, I was stating that this site is a modding website and that I didn’t get Ashes posts.

DOWNLOAD REMOVED, everyone can thank Eazy B for that. Eazy B gave me an infraction for nothing. So enjoy not having my saves.

I am messaging Chris about this.

That’s very true, but at the same time I want to mod it on an off account just to be able to take a break from the difficulty, and just bash stuff with ease. Just to have a look around and have a little bit of fun. :smile:

It really sucks that the download link is gone though… Maybe things will get worked out.

Wow this thread still did not get fixed, oh well. No Dark Souls saves for XboxMB

Fixed: Dark Souls Ultimate Start Saves.rar

Virus Scan: http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=c208cbb998380fe063fa4120b7fec6e22f6af3b3878464cca1c330cabaf8c8b2-1318211819

or just use this save editor, if the saves due not get posted back up

[RELEASE] Snuggly the Barter - Dark Souls Savegame Editor

I just posted them. :smile:

Here’s the same exact thing as OP, credit to him. I just reuploaded it: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3T72KVIX

Okay I would just like to make this clear, Eazy B didn’t touch the download links. The OP removed them so I’m not sure why everyone is hating on Eazy B. Hell the only logs from this thread is him deleting post.