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Darkest Dungeon Cheats and Trainer for Steam




I know this is a dungeon crawling video game, but it’s very good and refreshing, tbh.

Played it once on my friend’s PC. It’ surely a Welcome change, coming from other gaming genres like FPS, TPS, RPGs etc, which I’m mostly into.

But I find this game kind of addictive, the overall atmosphere and the gameplay mechanics is good.

Btw, keep up the Good work, @REPPiN !


Agree with you there, i have a save i play on without cheats. Its can be very challenging sometimes.

And we shouldnt be attached to heroes because many will die. Its Dark Souls just as an dungeon crawler.

Im happy kickstarter went through on this one


Yeah man, it’s kind of tough for me to beat as well, as the Game can be demanding on some of the levels. For me, a trainer/cheat is a must, or else I won’t be able to play these type of games.

Thanks to @REPPiN once again for the Trainer.

The “Easy Kills” cheat can come in very handy, like another user also mentioned above, apart from all other cheat options.

Stay safe, brothers. It’s dark out there !


@REPPiN Hey hey, just a new update was out.
Tested and had some disturbing news :open_mouth:

Easy Kills and No Stress dont seem to be toggled that all, it seems like it try to be activated but then suddenly get declined or something like that.

The town recourses also didnt work for me. There i didnt see any response at all.

Its more, i think, when activating torch min/max. It seems like back ground and textures on characters flicker and it is problematic to play because it hurt in my eyes to look on it :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasnt able to get a vid about the flickering but i can show you a screenshot that worked.

This is just a heads up so you might get to it when you have time :wink:


Damn! I’ll look into it tomorrow :rage:


Shhhhhhhhh its okey, take care my friend :innocent:


Where the F**K is the dislike button!


Up to date!


Darkest Dungeon cheats wont work with 32 bit. As far as i know darkest dungeon is a 32 bit game client and infinity is telling me it needs it to be 64 bit and to make sure the game is updated which it is. as far as i know there is no option for installing 32 or 64 bit versions of darkest dungeon. i’m using build 17733 of DD


Infinity is working for the current (latest) build, just tested Unlimited Health, No stress and Easy kills , so trainer is updated and works perfectly. (Run game first, and once save is loaded, run infinity)

Did you tried infinity and didnt work or are you guessing? what windowns are you using?


i have tried infinty and it will not start the cheats once the game is running stating that i need the 64bit version of darkest dungeon, and it used to work with darkest dungeon probably in march at sometime since that was the last time i had played it, i am using windows 10


We have same system,and according to the task manager im also playing with the 32 bit version.
There was a user with a similar problem in other game, this might help you probably

If that doesnt fix the issue:
Delete Cache of infinity following this steps:
Delete Cache of infinity.




Is it still happening? The cheats are marked as 32-bit. Try letting Infinity sit and refresh for ~10 seconds on the home screen after starting up.


i havent been able to verify as im not home atm but will update as soon as i find out


it seemed to be after waiting for it to load my save it works fine, which is weird because i didnt have to do that before.


Regards! I have a little problem with Infinty. I do not know why (neither automatically nor manually) I can not detect the game. Has anyone else had this issue? And if so, has it been solved?


Any update on when we will get a an updated version for the dlc? Also currently unlimited health is the only cheat working for the dlc.


Unlimited Health is the only thing working for me. its a great trainer and would love to use its full potential. an update or a fix would be super appreciated.