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Darkest Dungeon Cheats and Trainer for Steam


@REPPiN Yeah, it’s definitely a DLC. I’ve been using all the DLC since I got the mods, and they all worked fine until Color of Madness came out. I can’t wait to see the mods fixed.





I’ll push an update in 2-3 days guys :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay so after posting this reply I noticed that this chat is actually still active. But I can say I have ALL of the DLC active. Im going to try and load up different worlds with specific DLC active, and inactive and Ill let it be known. But this is my problem so far running all dlc! If you boot the game up through Infinity (Not just clicking play while the game is already running and you have your save loaded up.) Its crashes before loading the town. I figure I would say something to let it be known.

TLDR! I havent gotten this to work, game crashes ONLY when Infinity “plays” The game. It does however stay up and running during an expedition, but returning also crashes.


Okay so Ive tested it, and it does not work with Any of the DLC active.


Thanks for your feedback :stuck_out_tongue: @Benrie69

I got 2 questions:

1)Do the dlcs run on different exes? are you able to check it out via task manager?
2)Booting the game up through Infinity does partially fix it?

(I can’t check it out by myself as I’m still downloading “The Color Of Madness DLC”)

  1. So what happens is, I boot the game up through Infinity. Goes to main menu, make a new game. If any of the DLC is active none of the hacks work, and as soon as you go to town the game crashes before the town finishes loading.
  2. The games are the exact same Exes, not to mention the game lets you pick what DLC you wanna use when making a new campaign and all that.
    Other questions, do you have all of the dlc including the characters?


If you load into Hamlet when you load with infinity it completely crashes but i noticed when you’re in a dungeon and exit the game and start the game with infinity, it works in the dungeon but once you finish and leave it crashes again.


All I got is the “The Color Of Madness DLC” one

anyway, I’ll fix that guys, don’t worry


Wahooo hopefully it does. Figured Id put in some input on what happens anyway.


I’ve looked in the DLC files and there are no EXEs to be found in there. The only .EXE program for Darkest Dungeon is in the Windows folder. Not sure if that helps at all. But it does seem to be the Color of Madness that seems to have messed things up. Even disabling DLC and making a new game doesn’t fix it. Upon visiting the Hamlet everything just breaks and the game shuts off through infinity.

Without infinity it works perfectly fine. With and without mods


Might be stupid but I think you should add a cheat where it increases the level of your people on a mission. :^)


The Darkest Dungeon cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Let me know if it does fix it guys


YES! that’s work,thanks


Hi, for some reason trying to activate the “Easy Kills” mod just deactivates it immediately. Any ideas on how to fix this?


@Dreadstone you haven’t this dlc: “The Color Of Madness DLC” right?


Nope, just the vanilla game on Build 23941