Darksiders 2 Trainer Please

AN idea for the game

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@dwanye2004 The basic suggestions for trainers usually include mods that you want in that trainer, I would recommend that you add some of those so that the devs know what you want from them.

Also, why do you think that it should get modded and not another game. IMO it gives the devs more reason to actually work on the trainer before any other trainer that they feel has priority.

Well here is what the options I would like to be posted
1.infinite health
2.infinite coins
3.unlimited grim reaper time
4.easy kills

5.unlimited mana
6.unlimited ammo
And more to think of
But why I really want this game is because I would like to feel how it is to be a lot more powerful thanks to infinity I have more when doing cheats makes me feel a lot more powerful plus I know this game very well please and thank you

Sure, i’ll add it to my list