DAVE THE DIVER Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The cheats were satisfying and helpful. I really wish that they would include infinite ingredients in the next update.

For the " * No Materials Needed to Craft and Upgrade" cheat, I got it to work in ver, but you have to open the duff weapon crafting app first, then activate the cheat using alt+4. if you do it before you open the app, the game will get stuck.

Running into the same issue with the Duff Weapon Crafting App. Game Freezes/You become stuck in game and need to close out the game and restart if you have the “No Materials Needed to Craft and Upgrade” on by default.

“Infinite Drones” also appears to cause the soft game lock when I unlocked the sleep pistol and went to a fish to pick them up but ended up just standing next to them unable to move or do anything else. Nothing else happened, no error or tooltip opened up about needing drones (this happened on day 2 from a new game). I closed the game and turned off the infinite drones and crab cheats to avoid this in the future.

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The DAVE THE DIVER cheats have been updated!


  • Max Appeal cheat added
  • Max Cooking cheat added
  • Max Procure cheat added
  • Max Serving cheat added
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love this new add on but can we please get infinite fish ingredients and seasonings please?

Love the mod, hopefully you can get infinite crafting materials to work one day.

Unlimited Ammo still seems to be broken. Actually, never been able to get it to work since I started playing (installed the game ~ 1/14

Any chance of getting the no crafting or update requirements cheat back?

Does it work now? it’s not working right now