DAVE THE DIVER Cheats and Trainer for Steam

For me, the cheats and game work for anywhere from 5-20 minutes before it crashes. Timing isn’t consistent, but the crashing sure is. Frustrating given the temporary nature of the stat changes and cost to train each time, not to mention the loss of progress if you crash while diving.

I use the infinite oxygen, stamina, battery, wasabi, ammo, and patience cheats as well as the custom stat cheats.

Edit: Game runs fine without crashes if I don’t use wemod.

Edit 2: Tried disabling single cheats at a time to see if it was a specific one causing the crash; no joy.

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Can we please get free food upgrade/enhancer without using our ingredients, would help a lot. Thank you!!

I have noticed that the unlimited meals, drones, and ammo doesn’t work. Please find a way to fix it. Thank you.

Dave the Diver was updated in Steam today and I noticed that #21 Force Hide All Tube Worms did not work. The other mods that I tested all worked fine for me.

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20 days since my last post and the crashes continue. I’ve had 4 crashes all during one instance of night diving (15 minutes at most before crashing) preventing me from continuing to play the game while using WeMod.

For troubleshooting, I’ve verified the integrity of my game files, reinstalled, made sure my graphics driver and windows updates are up to date (they already were) and have generally followed every piece of advice I can find for fixing (including the solutions provided by nexon, the developer, on their website.)

Crashes do not occur if I play without using WeMod.

I was using the unlimited oxygen, stamina, battery, wasabi, and customer patience cheats plus the hide tube worms cheat and custom stats cheats (when I can anyway, since they reset after every crash and require training). Tteaf2022’s comment about the “force hide all tube worms” cheat no longer working is accurate for me as well.

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Same here. Same symptoms. Windows 11 pro, latest nvidia drivers, no other program or game or service on my machine has any problems.

I can confirm the same behavior here. I’m testing just having a single cheat enabled occasionally to see if there’s any difference there.

I can run the game indefinetly without wemod. Once I “play” the game with wemod, without using any mods at all, the game eventually crashes on me, every time I play. It’s definitely unique to playing with wemod, and has nothing to do with any mods since I didn’t load any at all.

I hope this helps with fixing this problem.

Talking to nexon, I did find one of the crashes left a log that showed an invalid memory reference (null pointer or such).

This isn’t my PC either, I have 128GB of RAM and absolutely no other game, even when I leave mutliple games running for days on end, have issues.

It seems likely that something that is being “frozen” by the cheats (ie, infinite oxygen or such) is possibly not properly grabbing pointers when then get randomly reassigned or such.

If I can make a humble request…
I just want guaranteed cat food or the ability to just add a random one to the inventory if one isn’t found.

Or just let me have 1000. I’m open to options