Day 4 of Pneumonia!

First day on my computer after spending the last 3 in bed, so at least that is some progress. After feeling “a little off” on Friday, I woke up Saturday unable to even get out of bed. Between the extreme body aches and weakness, I figured it might be the Flu…except it got worse. I started running a fever that hit a whopping 104.5 yesterday, and I couldn’t hardly breathe.

I managed to get myself to an urgent care facility close by, and sure enough I had pneumonia! The doctor prescribed a z-pack antibiotic, along with an inhaler, which seems to be helping since I can actually get out of bed and move around (for short periods). Fever has dropped down to 100/101, which is reasonable. Can’t do much yet, but it takes a few days for the antibiotic to fully do its job.

I’ve always been susceptible to respiratory illnesses since I was a kid, (and I quit smoking years ago). Given this is the 3rd time I’ve had pneumonia over the last 20 years, I’m sure as heck getting an immunization for it once I clear up. Still, a couple weeks of coughing is one heck of a lot better than lying in bed with a high-grade fever! Hopefully, I’ll be back gaming again soon, I still tire out too easily for that yet.

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Aw, that sucks man. Hope you get better soon!. The z-pack (azithromycin) works a bit slow cause it stops growth of bacteria rather than killing them so you might not feel completely well until later in the week.

Get well soon! :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks @STN, I sincerely appreciate it. Yeah, I figure it is going to be a slow week, as you are right about azithromycin, it does take some time. At least I can finally get out of bed and handle small tasks, so after 3 days in bed I can live with that. I’m on guaifenesin as well, so my lungs are slowly clearing out.

Quite the scare actually, I don’t normally get virulently ill so quickly, much less run such a high fever. I’m just glad to have gotten it addressed before it got worse (E.R. trips are never on anyone’s to-do list). I’ve already resigned myself that his week will be mostly checking forums and watching videos until the worst of the lethargy subsides.

FYI, before I went downhill Friday, I was playing Deus Ex: The Fall (ironically appropriate given my deteriorating condition). As WeMod only has 8 votes for that one (not surprising given the poor reviews), I was able to find a CheatEngine .CT file that was written by you. I thought that was pretty cool! Nothing beats WeMod, but that certainly has made things a lot less frustrating.

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Is it “walking pneumonia” or straight pneumonia?

True pneumonia unfortunately. “Walking pneumonia”, or atypical pneumonia has similar symptoms, but milder, as it doesn’t leave one completely bedridden. Fevers also tend to be lower-grade. Its no party either, but not as hard on one’s system.

In my case, I couldn’t leave my bed other than to use the restroom, slept almost all the time, and any movement was painful. Dad can still drive so he was able to get me to the clinic close by (no way could I drive safely). It is a bacterial strain, so the antibiotics are having an impact, but it will be a good week before I’m really able to do much.

Nonetheless, I have a bit of an appetite returning, and am regaining some mobility, I just have to avoid overdoing it. Some labored breathing, god-awful coughing (but productive coughing at least), the occasional low-grade fever, and just feeling fatigued are my primary symptoms now. At this point it is pretty tolerable, just have to take it slow for a while until the worst of the fatigue passes and my lungs clear.

Get better soon @Telarius. We Miss you on the forums. :smile: :heart:

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Miss you folks too @I3loodDevil! This thread was actually was one of the first “recreational activities” I’ve done since I’ve been able to get out of bed. It is always enjoyable conversing with the good people here. I’m improving, but it is just a slow process. It will take a few weeks to get back to 100%, but I should be a bit more active in about a week, at least to the point that not everything feels like a strain.

Thankfully, my father had a pneumonia shot a year ago (which are good for several years), so it hasn’t impacted him. I hadn’t had pneumonia in about 18 years, so I got cocky and figured “why bother”, I certainly know better now. The illness is a lot worse than I remembered (of course, I was younger then too).

Most of it I can tolerate now, it is the lethargy that really annoys me. It isn’t “tired”, more like a constant feeling of exhaustion. I’m more mentally alert now since the fever remains low, so I’m active on the computer, but physical tasks are much more difficult. Shave, shower, and rearrange the new plastic storage containers that arrived a few days ago are my “big tasks” for the day. I can at least laugh at it now, despite the frustration.

I picked up Agony the other day on sale on Steam, despite mixed reviews. I figure by the time I actually get around to playing it, there might be enough votes for a trainer, (assuming it isn’t as bad as some think). I mean come on, a game where you are in Hell, how can I pass that up? I rather enjoy being an “evil protagonist” or “anti-hero” from time to time.

While I was stuck in bed, I decided to watch “Lucifer” on Hulu, expecting it to be crap, but it actually won me over to quite a degree. Some of the scenes where he acts as an anti-hero are priceless (love it when he scares the crap out of a school girl bully - easy to find on YouTube). Interesting character development throughout the series, though slow or a bit “far out” in some spots.

I’m sure I’ll be on here later to touch base with everyone. Like I said, feeling a tad bit better each day, I just have to be slow and patient. My cat, Flame hasn’t left my side since this all started, so he’s my “protector”. Guess I’ll go drag myself for a decent shave and shower, then I can feel like I’ve accomplished something. Ironically, as much as he hates water, Flame has been standing next to the shower until I get out and “demands” I talk to him so he knows I’m OK. What more could one ask for?

Well, I hope you get better.

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Well should of asked me , i bought and played agony for all about 10 minutes and then told the game to go to hell hahaha you have no idea where to go its confusing AF , and the screaming people is just gross

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@ptondo, I completely agree with you conclusion and reaction, the name of the game is apt, it is truly agony. I find dealing with my current illness preferable, far less painful and frustrating. Like you, I played it for a little over ten minutes, then decided I’d rather go gouge my eyes out than go any further.

I uninstalled and then requested a refund, which I was granted. I don’t request refunds all that often, but there were just no redeeming qualities (no pun intended) to that game. It was for me a “frustration simulator” with disturbing qualities. I play games to avoid that, not endure it.

That being stated, “For Honor” starter edition is free until the 27th on Steam , do you or anyone else have a take on it? Looks like there are in-game transactions (instant turn-off), so I’m a bit divided if I should even bother downloading it. Thought I should ask the group’s feelings on that one, not sure if it will be “my thing”.

As far as my health, I’m feeling stronger each day, so I’m definitely improving. Still have to reach for my inhaler first thing when I wake up, but breathing isn’t quite as shallow now. This state, I can deal with. I can function “well enough” to feel semi-productive as long as I’m not an idiot and overdo it. Back pain is barely evident since my lungs are clearing out. The coughing fits are horrid, but I’ll take it over the alternative of not being able to breathe properly.

I think I may try (operative word) to finish part of the basement project I started covering the water meter door in vinyl plank (a victim of old water damage). I only need to cut and glue (construction adhesive) 2.5 more pieces, then put the handles back on tomorrow. We’ve had to keep the workroom door shut so the cat doesn’t get hurt (or stuck) since I put the job on hold. Not a lot left to do for that part. Once done I can at least put the door back on (magnetic). Dad built it himself years ago, I really admire the work he did, so I try to preserve the original integrity while repairing/reinforcing it.

Regardless, I won’t overdo it, but might give that task a shot. As long as I take a break, it should be doable. Mark and cut the vinyl, take a break, then glue it on, done for the day (boring, I know…but writing helps me to think out loud). When dad asks "Where are we with the task of (fill in blank), it translates to “This is on my mind, can you address it?” He’s getting a bit anxious I can tell, his OCD getting the better of him.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on the game “For Honor”. I’d be very interested to get some feedback on that title before I bother with it. You’ve all offered me many good suggestions and recommendations, which I most certainly appreciate!

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They milked For Honor that much that it died within a week of launch…typical hype…kills good games with positive reviews on steam for instance but yet bad games get relaunched and still suck “ass”

For Honor wasn’t milked.
It was crap on launch that’s why the community left.

@Telarius For Honor right now is an enjoyable game. Though I would honestly still wait a bit atleast until the newest DLC drops. though that said it will add new characters and with that it could be overwhelming for new players to choose one of them.

Ya the thing is is it free right now tho the base game is

Thanks for the feedback @ptondo, @I3loodDevil, and @N1ceToMeetYou, most helpful! I have Borderlands 2 myself, though never got around to playing much, I think I’ll give it an install again now that I have WeMod. I have The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition and enjoy it as well, a lot of freedom and replayability, a HUGE plus in my book.

Based on your advice, I went ahead and picked up the Bioshock collection, it was cheap enough, and it seems to be a real hit. WeMod supports it, so that is always a HUGE plus! As far as “For Honor”, the starter edition was free. I figured heck, might as well register it while I had the opportunity. Either I like it or I don’t, doesn’t cost me either way.

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If I had the proper Internet to help me gain access to games to try I would but damn near possible out here. Hopefully when I get back to the city in November, there will be some games to play and trial. I am a big WoW nerd too but in all honesty I think Of Battle of Azeroth and Legion sorta ruined and buffed the crap out of my toons so It’s no longer fun anymore doing PvP or Raids, I find quests boring unless it unlocks stuff I need. I even find the dungeons and farming to be boring now. Anyways I enjoy the crap outta The Witcher 3…playing it right now but having a break for a bit. I’ve prob clocked Borderlands 1 & 2 over 120 times…from easy to vault hunter mode. Loved it. The only Borderlands I hate is Pre-Sequel because it’s space adventures…and I don’t really like any space games like Space Engineers or Astronneer…I think the only one that consumes my day more in a space game is No Man’s Sky…Only because it’s easier to handle then Space Engineers. Oh and I do love city building games like Age Of Empires 1 & 2…only…age of empires 3 was a miss for me, and other games like Anno games, Cities Skylines, Jurassic Park Evo (only because it has dino’s), I did dable into some Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy Duelist only because I love Yu-Gi-Oh since I was young, playing the older version on Playstation 2…whatever it was called something something rose… Oh and I also like Conan because of the whole barbarian thing, building bases and raiding others…I guess same goes with Rust even tho there’s not many on that anymore and Conan…but still enjoy going on some full servers and wreaking havoc on others…I am pretty brutal with bows and bolt action rifles without a scope of any kind, just the iron sight that’s already on it. I actually managed to headshot 3 people from a hill on Rust from 800M away…didn’t see it coming, I pretty much was travelling alone while my companions where travelling to Water Treatment, I walked over a hill and spoted 3 guys camping a hill shooting down with bolts and semi’s. I got in a bush and peaked out headshotting 3 of them instantly…it was funny and the guy that was getting raided was so confused on what happen, like a guardian angel saved his life lol :laughing: anyways sorry to ramble on but yeah I love all types you put infront of me.

No worries, I ramble as well. My mom was an English teacher, writing comes naturally. I used to play MMO’s like SWTOR until many became cash-grabs filled with jerks. I’m not too good at multiplayer games myself, my coordination and response isn’t good enough. Then again, that is one of the reasons WeMod is so awesome, I can cheat my way through most single-player games!

Played Borderlands 2 a bit yesterday, I rather enjoy the humor. The Steam video cracks me up when Claptrap says " WTF is a wang chung?!" Tried Elex for a bit, a bit ambivalent on that one. Then again, I’m not back to myself yet, so I have the attention span of a ferret.

I’m a big fan of sci-fi games, the Deus Ex series won me over quick. Been meaning to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but haven’t really felt motivated. I did, however, finish getting the water meter door and put it back on, looks good. Not going to even consider tackling the rest until next week. Figure I’ll take it easy for a few days and game until I feel more up to it. I have No Man’s Sky as well, hope to get around to playing that one since the last updates, sounds like fun.