Days Gone Cheats and Trainer for Steam

many times the trainer seems to not be able to find the game ( steam version )
the logs say:
INFO [trainer] Executing trainer…

vendor-bundle.js:277 INFO [trainer] Waiting for connection…

vendor-bundle.js:277 INFO [trainer] Trainer ended.

vendor-bundle.js:277 WARN [trainer] Trainer launch timed out.

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A trainer’s failure to inject into the game is normally due to a security program on your PC or network interfering with it.

See here: "Wemod failed loading the cheats into your game" / "We’re having trouble downloading the cheats" - #2 by Ravenfyre.

heya - thanks. none of those things really helped - i’ve got everything on windows defender disabled and it still fails to load for this game in particular. cyberpunk and chernobylite’s work perfectly.

sometimes it gets past that but it’s stuck at the setup stage, if that helps.

any way to toggle more logs?

INFO [trainer] Waiting for connection…
vendor-bundle.js:formatted:17114 INFO [trainer] Initialization started. PID: 18692, TID: 2584
vendor-bundle.js:formatted:17114 INFO [trainer] Activating trainer…
vendor-bundle.js:formatted:17114 INFO [trainer] Calling trainer Setup()…

There’s a bug where the ‘Exp Multiplier’ slider will increase on its own when pressing other options or clicking in the game’s paused window.

The hotkey to lower exp multiplier CTRL Numpad 4 also does not work along with some others.

The standalone FLiNG trainer doesn’t suffer from these issues, so I suspect it’s a wemod problem.

I am VERY BADLY upset I bought the game days gone to have the cheats on EPIC just to relize there just for steam. Is there a way I can use them for the epic version? I am a paying person but im afraid not for long.


Many Steam trainers work for the Epic version of the game too. All you need to do is click the Fix button you see in the trainer and manually link the Epic version’s exe file. This information is found all over the community via the search button. :slight_smile:

Trainers are made for each platform based on democratic popularity in the community, not just because the game exists there. Read more about that, including how to improve it’s chances, here: Vampyr for Windows suggestion - #2 by Ravenfyre.

I thank you for the response but I never seen the fix button in the top right like I have before for other games.

why is it not for epic only steam

I would like to know that to but I got my money back thankfully. I wish there was trainers or mods for other games as well. Theres mods for games I never even heard of.

@juggalo6090 - This was already answered four days ago. Please read before posting.
See: Days Gone Cheats and Trainer for Steam - #111 by Ravenfyre.

@OpticalMarble823 - That means something else has been set as the game’s .exe. Press the down arrow next to the Play button in that case, which opens the same thing.

I have the steam version and cannot get the cheats to work, nothing happens when I turn them on, but wemod works I’ve used the cheats with gta v with steam.

Hey, I am not sure if anyone found a solution to this but I’ve found out by following the same method as Red Dead Redemption 2 by starting up the game first and then click play through wemod and after it says playing, you can activate the cheats. I’m not sure if it applies to other launcher but through steam the cheats worked.

When I click play on the cheats it crashes my game

What does this work on and not work on?
steam, gog, epic, normally downloaded games, crack, etc.

the cheats work very well, but I can’t earn any achievements with it activated.

the stealth doesn’t seem to work against hordes. scared the ■■■■ out of me when they started attacking me :joy:

Can we get a “NoClip” / “Invizibility” / “Flying”? Thanks!

Can we get invisibility / flying?

Works when I use it. But then when I see a Herd I just use explosive arrows or the LMG on them. But for me… My problem is that after waiting fifteen minutes for the game to load once I started it up, (Yes, I timed it on my cell phone’s stop watch/clock app) After a certain amount of time of using this trainer it goes CTD.
It’s happened too many times and I’m wondering if WeMod is the culprit as when I used a secondary trainer, there were no CTD events happening. And I’ve relied on Fling’s trainers way before WeMod ever heard of the individual so one of Fling’s trainers not working and resulting in multiple CTD’s; not only does it feel SUS to me, but Something is rotten in the state of Denmark on this.

Now, My rig
i7-10th gen
64 GB DDR4
Radeon RX 580 8GB DDR5
I know my graphics card is old, but since my PSU is only 650 I don’t know if a RTX 2 series would work for me.
And my Steam Library is on an External drive that’s USB3.0 capable. I may need to just clear out space on my SSD drive that’s my OS drive and reinstall it onto that and see if that helps the loading times…

Bought Days Gone 7/1 as it was 50% off and I decided to go for it now on Steam than wait for it to hit 75% off.
It would be nice if there was an option to find out where the hordes and infestation nets are on the map without having to stumble on them or look for guides to find them out. But for now I’ll stick to using guides on my phone or YouTube on my browser.