Days Gone Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Infinite Ammo isn’t working for shotgun Ammo

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Any plans on an Epic compatible version?

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crashes when trying to use game speed

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My dumb self should’ve looked at which version to purchase. Smh.

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Game crashes when i die; or rather when i run out of health and receive the last hit from the enemy before i die. Did not use any health / god mode cheats on this. Though i used stamina, ammo, items / resource, credits, skill points cheat.

Anyone else also experiencing this?

: Seems like this is a result of the “items don’t decrease cheat”.

will there be a trainer for the epic games version ?

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Just try switching the .exe that the trainer is linked to by pressing the down arrow next to the Play button.
Roughly 90% of Steam trainers work on Epic Games versions and vice versa. But note that it takes one small difference in updates between the two platforms to change this.

I have tried to put days gone exe file from epic on steam wemod and it cant find the game

Epic Plz Updated ~~~Thanks For It


possible BUG

since i use the trainer

nero intel recordings (micro recorder you found in nero sites with a big X on it)

can not correct “activate” any micro recorder
it tells me 1x recorder added > i click again 2x recorder etc
no recording is played and also there is no new recording shown in the recording “inventory”

cheats i used

unlimited Stamina
unlimited ammo
items dont degrease (partially)
unlimited mods + weapon durability

happens now also with or w/o trainer running

not sure if its trainer related or general BUG

Bitte einen Trainer für Epic Game Version :hugs:


Funktioniert leider nicht!!!

I got it to work with the Epic game store. Use the exe. in Epic/DaysGone/BendGame/Binaries/Win64. The only problem i run into, the game doesn´t have my current save file for some reason, so you have to start a new game. Maybe it´s just me, no clue.

tested it with an old save

“items dont decrease” is causing this error

if activated > the 1. nero recorder is collected > the next and following will be bugged and can indefinitely “activated” (e.g. 24x nero … added) BUT play nothing and will not added to storyline > collectibles > nero intel

you will loose a lot of Lore Intel

any save game after this is broken
you need to start a new game / load a save game w/o trainer use

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Can confirm the same.

The Days Gone cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Focus cheat added
  • Unlock All Crafting Recipes cheat added
  • Ignore Crafting Requirements cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

I need help finding the .exe for epic games

I found it

The Trainer seems to break the game and corrupt saves. Issues I’ve noticed is it breaks the ability to upgrade your bike and to sell all or sell stack options and cant equip bike parts or colors. ive started a new game without the items decrease cheat and it still prevents buying anything and prevents picking up micro recorders.

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The only issue I see happening is with items don’t decrease. It’s when I sell all to camps today, it clears it from inventory, but yesterday it did not. Also with infinite health, I still lose health.

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