Days Gone Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Retried the game again.Tunnel walk through…zombie jumps outta door I start hitting the E key …I die…anyone have an idea?? ty

Thanks I did that…changed E to hold instead of tap and it works thanks for responding :slight_smile:

Will they ever be a teleport? I’m on the new game+ and I need to get the One Percenter trophy and two more before getting the plat, but I can’t be bothered to keep riding around because I’ve already completed the game 100% three times lol.

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Yes, I second this request. I just recently beat the game on Hard ii and now on Survival whatever and having no fast travel is annoying. It doesn’t even make the game challenging just tedious now.

Update Please ! thx

Thanks! FYI God mode, inf items (works for ammo), inf skill pts. all work on current steam version.


Thanks bunches for this stuff man! I beat the game without mods first but this stuff makes it awesome! I encountered and issue with the “stealth mode” cheat. It stops working after a time. seems like when you use explosives or shoot at a horde it gets disabled and no way to re-enable it. Ideas? Thoughts? Appreciate all you do man!

Hello there. It seems like this mod is working on my end. The freakers can’t detect me, but I haven’t tried it in a horde tho. Do you mean the mod will deactivate if you encounter a horde and shoot/throw explosives? Or does it not take effect at all while dealing with a horde?