DayZ and State of Decay

State of Decay:

Is there any confirmed info, if State of Decay Year One Edition will feature multiplayer/co-op?


Is there any confirmation about DayZ being released on the Xbox?

I read somewhere that it will not be coming to Xbox now because the developers of the game don’t want to pay patching fees by Microsoft, but now I can’t find any info on the web backing that statement up except for last year’s articles stating it’s planned release for consoles.

As far as I’m aware the devs want to make sure that DayZ is perfect on the PC first. Them they will concentrate on consoles

As for State of Decay, I know they were initially working on co-op and eventually scrapped it.

DayZ blows check out H1Z1 it’s a bit the same as DayZ but runs better than it I enjoy playing it a lot

Is it good? I have been watching videos and it looks fun. How easy is it to survive?

It’s not PvE. It’s PvP. Zombies are decoration.

I enjoy it I think it’s a good game most people don’t tend to kill you but some do you start from nothing but you can build a bow with in like 30 seconds if you know how to make them check out some live streams and see what you think for your self