Dead by Daylight - Possible ban for WeMod in background?

Hi there!

I use WeMod for Rome 2 a fair bit, and earlier today left it running, having then started up Dead By Daylight. I’ve played DBD a fair bit but never had WeMod open before simultaneously (it was not injecting into memory at all, Rome 2 was closed, and WeMod was just running). As this game has EAC, is it possible I may receive an automated ban if EAC has detected it? I loaded into the game for around 10 minutes, didn’t actually play a single match, and quickly closed WeMod when I realised it was open. I understand WeMod doesn’t even support DBD anway.

Appreciate any help!

You will be fine. Since DBD isn’t supported by WeMod and you can’t inject it into the game, EAC will not have detected any changes to the game’s code and won’t give you a ban.