Dead Cells incorrect version

Hello there!
I just started to use Wemod today for playing the easy way in Dead Cells. I don’t have a steam version. I just got the game from nCore. My game verion is v24.08.2018, but Wemod have only v30.05.2018 as the latest. My question is will it get an update? Or can I get an elder version of the game? I searched a lot on google for an elder version, but i found nothing. PLS anybody contact me who has a compatible version of the game or any other solution to make wemod useable with my game client. Thanks for forward!
Best wishes, Csaba :wink:


Yes what? :slight_smile: there will be a newer version of the trainer??? Or you have an older game version that you can send to me?? :slight_smile:

There will be an update some day.
As for older versions. They are not hard to find but can’t link them here.
Google should have no problems finding them

Sadly it makes a big problem to find a version that old enough to work with wemod. :confused:
Look, heres my email address:
Can you send me a link where i can download freely an old version of the game that works with wemod, please??? (btw. sry for my english if it’s bad )

I would suggest to you to hide that email quickly. You’ll only end up getting spammed.
I can’t provide you with a link. Like I said. Google.
I’ve been torrenting games since I’m a toddler. It’s no magic