Dead Contest

This contest thread is dead. Unfortunately, getting the license for Microsoft Office requires credentials which I simply cannot give out to anyone. It’s unfortunate because Microsoft increased the quota to 10 unique installs which means 8 more people could have it for free (for as long as I’m in college).

What the actual **** dude? :stuck_out_tongue:

you’re current situation in your life:
Awaiting my A-level results tomorrow and then probably off to Uni

your anticipated year and cause of death:
Well after I’ve saved the planet in 2045 I’ll probably try to do it again only to catch a rare heart virus before the androids attack and die in 2046

your ambitions until death:
money n hoes

your favorite musician:
I’m currently listening to all star by smash mouth so I’ll give it to them.

and the reason you want Office 365 for free:
Could come in handy for coursework

Current situation in life
Just moved into a new place so I don’t really have the money for anything right now, not even school.

My year and cause of death. Getting stressed out by my niece to the point of exhaustion and eventually death by the time she hits her teenage years in 11 years from this Sunday.

My ambitions till death, take care of my niece as much as possible. Hang out with my friends as much as I can, and have a couple of kids of my own by that time.

Favorite musician
Currently listening to BFMV, but my all time favorite bands are A7X and FFDP.

Reason I want office 365 for free
When I am typing up business documents, such as receipts, proof of sale, etc etc office 365 could really come in handy for all sorts of things.


wow. that did really hurt my feelings…

I’m gonna use Jimmys format you're current situation in your life: Living with my parents cause Im 15 and gonna continue to highschool

your anticipated year and cause of death: 2018 cause I`m going to get into PC gaming. I might die because of a gaming binge, because I run out of mountain dew and doritos

your ambitions until death: Join PC Master race!!!1, money, winning this contest

your favorite musician: Kendrick Lamar, Kanye, G Eazy

and the reason you want Office 365 for free: Cause free things are the best things and I might need it in the near future

your current situation in your life:
Single parent, also helping take care of my father who beat cancer a few years back. Self employed when I do work, but got a handful of hustles that bring home the bacon.

your anticipated year and cause of death:
Never. I should already be dead. When I don’t feel like living anymore, or if beer can’t be produced anymore for some reason, I will go out with a BANG!

your ambitions until death:
Just continue being myself. Make sure my kid has the stuff he wants, make sure he doesn’t turn into a spoiled jerk. Drink as many more brews as possible.

your favorite musician:
Beastie Boys

and the reason you want Office 365 for free:
Just to say I got it for free and never use it lol. I actually don’t want it so don’t pick me bro. Nice giveaway though.

Good luck everyone but Captain Prlckhard!

Those other things are pointless. I would need/use Office for school. Seeing as I start school in a couple of weeks, it would really help out a lot. This is my “entry”. Nice giveaway Geo.


You`re a good father man

your current situation in your life:
Well I am a 17 year old kid working, getting through my last year of high school, and designing for clients.

your anticipated year and cause of death:
2100 - Being too savage.

your ambitions until death:
Achieve happiness and succession in my desired career and creating something that will allow future human beings to remember my name.

your favorite musician:
Rolling Stones

and the reason you want Office 365 for free:
Well I have 1 year left of High School and after High School I am going to college and will be designing on the laptop I have now and it would be cool to have Office on this computer for college for writing projects, and other courses.

Hahaha this made me laugh

Current situation in life:
I am just now starting my sophomore year in High School. From the start of the school year, almost every teacher has told me I will require Microsoft Word this year and forward. My teachers have told us we will need to do some work that requires Microsoft Word to complete, but I won’t be able to.

Your anticipated year/cause of death:
I expect to die in the year of 2086 from natural causes.

Your ambitions until death:
My ambitions consist of meeting that perfect someone and possibly having kids at some point and raising a nice family. The general ambitions of most people. I also want to pursue in the Medical Field.

Your favorite musician:
My favorite musician would be more of a band, the Rolling Stones. They have many old classic tracks and some of the best rock songs from the era.

Reason you want Office 365 for free:
I really need it for school work to get me through high school.

your current situation in your life:

your anticipated year and cause of death:
3015, when the earth finally blows up.

your ambitions until death:
Make billions of dollars and party with Bill G.

your favorite musician:
Pastor Jim Colerick

and the reason you want Office 365 for free:

your current situation in your life:
I am a student in high school (becoming a junior) and i am saving for a car.

your anticipated year and cause of death:
2101, old age

your ambitions until death:
I want to become a texture artist and game designer

your favorite musician:
I really do not have one

and the reason you want Office 365 for free:
I really would like it to write papers and stuff for school, would be wonderful <3 plus if it is for 5 years, I can use it a long time and even in collage when the time comes. Thank you!

your current situation in your life:
B-day is on 23rd of august, gonna be 18, just graduated high school. trying to get a better job,

your anticipated year and cause of death:

In the year 2077(october 23rd of that year), after millennia of armed conflict, the destructive nature of man could sustain itself no longer. The world was plunged into an abyss of nuclear fire and radiation. (and I died a horrible death)

your ambitions until death:
Drink a lot of mountain dew, and play fallout 3 forever

your favorite musician:
Howard Jones, from Killswitch Engage.

and the reason you want Office 365 for free:
I don’t want it I just wanted to have fun with the questions.

EDIT: If I somehow win, give it to nick please.

#nickforgfxgod… Wait…he already is…

When will winners be announced?

Was this fake :anguished:

Yes it was